Chocolate Candy Wrappers
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Chocolate Candy Wrappers

What can you do with chocolate candy wrappers? I'm glad you asked! 

You may want to make an event extra special. In that case, it's so easy to personalize a Hershey candy wrapper bar (or other favorite chocolate bar) to reflect the fun of the occasion.

You can order personalized candy wrappers done up for you at or you can design them yourself any time you like with the software and templates from Custom Candy Wrappers or The Dapper Wrapper.

I LOVE these guys. It's just too easy to make simple personalized candy wrappers to make any special occasion more memorable. 

Candy Wrapper Origami:
The Ultimate East meets West Experience

But what do you do with all those candy wrappers that you plow through week by week? I mean really, my little wastebasket next to my computer does tend to overflow with the "remains" of my indulgences. 

A friend of mine game me a creative solution to my embarrassing dilemma - Candy Wrapper Origami!

Those of you who enjoy good chocolate are familiar with the problem of the left over wrappers: the evidence, the sheer number of them, and the guilt! 

Fear no more: the iPhone application called Candy Wrapper Origami teaches you how to fold chocolate and other types of candy wrappers into beautiful origami models.

The chocolate candy wrappers from Heresy’s Miniatures, Kisses, Ferrero Rochers, Andes, and other candies are magically converted into butterflies, boxes, and boats. Now you can have your chocolate and fold it too!

The instructions to make the origami models are easy to follow. Instead of drawings with cryptic arrows and dotted lines, the instructions in this iPhone app are in the form of stop-motion animation. It is like a video but with a pause after each step so you can easily follow along. 

Colorful and easy to navigate, this app is what people call "nicely done." If that isn't enough, there is a sliding-tile puzzle at the end of each origami project. 

Origami models made in Candy Wrapper Origami include:

  • Penguin from Hershey’s Miniatures wrapper
  • Butterfly from Starburst
  • Origami Heart from Hershey’s Kisses wrapper
  • Gold Ring from Ferrero Rochers wrapper
  • Shirt & Pants from Starburst wrappers
  • Christmas Tree from Andes wrapper
  • Waterbomb from Lindor truffles wrapper
  • Flower from Tootsie Roll lollipop wrapper
  • Pinwheel from Dum Dum lollipop wrapper
  • Star Box from Starburst wrapper
  • Sail Boat from Hershey’s Miniatures wrapper
  • Spikey Star from Hershey’s Miniatures wrappers

Most origami models begin with a square sheet of paper so, you can use any chocolate candy wrapper as long as you fold or trim it to a square before you start.

If you'd like to find out more and check out the latest origami projects with candy wrappers visit the developer at Coho Software. I'd love to see your chocolate candy wrappers works of art, so do show them off!

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