Chocolate Candy Turning White?

Question: Why is my chocolate covered pretzels or melted chocolate candy turning white?

When I dip pretzels or peanut butter balls etc in melted chocolate and then cool.....within several days the chocolate gets whitish or speckled.....what to do?

Answer: The change in temperature causes chocolate to "bloom." This can either be sugar bloom or fat bloom.

Sugar bloom is when the temperature of the chocolate gets too cold and moisture is introduced through condensation. The sugar separates causing the white look on chocolate.

Fat bloom is when the chocolate gets too warm and melts and then sets again. The cocoa butter changes and causes grey and white streaks or swirls.

The taste of the chocolate isn't affected by these events, but they don't make a very pretty presentation.

If you decide to chill or freeze your chocolate covered candy or pretzels, be sure to bring them back to room temperature covered with a towel or still in their airtight container so that they don't get moisture build up.

Don't let a little bloom ruin your candy making. :-)

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Dec 01, 2016
Bloom on chocolate NEW
by: Diane

Thank you this is a terrific help

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