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For several years Chocolate Candy Sellers could list their homemade chocolate goodies right here at Chocolate Candy Mall in our online store. 

With the financial instability of the economy making life a bit tougher for most of us, the CCM store was a great way to take something you love and turn it into a little extra income.

Unfortunately, our former store structure became unsustainable, and we had to remove that format.  For those still interested in advertising their products here, please visit our advertising page to consider the options available. 

Of course, I know that there are times when you need to buy from the professionals! For that reason you'll find my favorite commercial chocolate candy sellers that I enjoy dealing with and are recommended throughout the pages of Chocolate Candy Mall.

The chocolate candy companies you see listed will change periodically as I develop the site and discover new gems. Sadly, there will be times when I prune a few chocolate candy suppliers for one reason or another.

If you have either a positive or negative experience with a chocolate candy maker that I've recommended, do tell.  Or maybe I've left out your favorite.  I not only want to direct my guests to the suppliers of delicious chocolate candy, but also to those who deal well with their customers.

I would love to get your opinion!

If I were to attempt to keep a constant watch on each of these chocolate candy suppliers myself, I would very soon be the world's largest woman! Of course, the journey would be scrumptious - there's a thought. :)

No, I better not go there. So, your help will be appreciated. You will be saving me from a glorious fate.

Spill the beans, or read the input from other visitors...

Do You Have A Favorite
Chocolate Candy Seller?

Know some "divine" chocolate candy sellers? Don't keep it a secret. We want to know! Tell us about your best or worst chocolate candy experience. It can be about one of the sellers already listed or a different one entirely.

Hey, maybe you'd just like to brag about your own chocolate candy company. Go ahead... ...make my day!

What Other Chocolate Lovers Have Said

Click below to see some of the chocolate sellers that other visitors have either grumbled or gloated about...

Chocolate Tasting Parties by DOVE Chocolate Discoveries! 
Chocolate tasting parties are so much fun! Ladies sample everything from Chocolate martinis, to easy, elegant chocolate mousse, truffle fudge brownies, …

Candy/Baking Business 
How do I get my candy/baking business to get noticed, and take off? Hello, I have been trying for a year now to get my baking/candy making business …

Esther Price Candies 
The World's best Chocolate really is Esther Price Candies located in my hometown, Dayton, Ohio!!!!!!!!!! Except for Hershey's, it is the ONLY chocolate …

DeBrand's Gourmet Chocolates 
But, have you tried DeBrand's gourmet chocolates (Fort Wayne, Indiana)? I can't get enough of these and they have the absolute best staff! …

Wolf Sweets 
Hi, My name is Evan. I am the owner of Wolf Sweets. We are an online chocolate store based in Champaign, IL. We offer gourmet sweets and desserts …

Introducing Dad's World Famous Chocolate Bourbon Balls 
Hello Angie, I want to tell you about my chocolate company called Dad's "World Famous" Chocolate Bourbon Balls based on a recipe of my father's. …

Deliciously Addicting Chocolate Choxie Chocolate at Target 
I have always seen these Choxie chocolate bars with festive packaging at Target stores all over the country. I have never bought one, thinking it is too …

Sweet Indulgence Cakes and Candies Not rated yet
Without a doubt the best desserts I've tasted have come from Sweet Indulgence Cakes and Candies in Dayton, Ohio. The quality of the products they use for …

One of the 'World's Finest Chocolate' really is 'Esther Price Candy'! Not rated yet
Having known Esther Price personally in her remaining retirement years in Florida, I can only say that her Chocolate Candy are the finest. Even so, …

Personalized Chocolates Not rated yet
Personalized Chocolates. . . . what could be more extraordinary?! I am a stay-at-home Mom to my amazing 3 year old daughter & want to stay that …

Paper Sweet Cases Not rated yet
Hello, I am presenting some images of sweet cases. Shipping to any country. I have …

Chocolate To Die For! Not rated yet
Went to Antoinette Chocolatier for a class in Phillipsburg, NJ. It was WONDERFUL!!! We learned how to temper chocolate, roll truffles, fill chocolates …

Chocolate On Ebay Not rated yet
I sell candy and chocolate on Ebay and I would like to be mentioned on your site, How do I go about it? I love to make candy and we have a really …

Buy Homemade Southern Fudge Not rated yet
You can buy Homemade Southern Fudge just like Granny made. This IS homemade fudge, much better than any too sweet store-bought fudge. Southern Angel's …

Dove Chocolate At Home Not rated yet
Has anyone seen the New Direct Selling Company Dove Chocolate at Home? They sell Chocolate at home like you would sell Tupperware. AWESOME! h2 …

Lollipop Bouquet Supplier Not rated yet
Hello my name is Shanika. I am in business making chocolate lollipop bouquets. I also make boxed chocolates made from molds. I use many colors. My …

I Can't Find Raspberry Jelly Sticks! Not rated yet
I am interested in purchasing raspberry jelly sticks, but am unable to find them on any of your purchase links, i.e, candy direct. Do you sell or can …

Antoinette Chocolatier - Chocolate to die for! Not rated yet
There is a new shop on 87 South Main Street in Phillipsburg, NJ called Antoinette Chocolatier. This chocolate is to die for! They have truffles, filled …

I'd Like To Buy White Chocolate With Nuts Not rated yet
I want to place an order with you but need to know if you do white chocolate with nuts please. Could you get to me so I can pay by credit card? Also, …

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