Chocolate Candy Is Slightly Too Soft

by Dean Finney
(Kingsport, TN)

Angie -

My chocolate candy is slightly too soft.

I just made dark chocolate pecan clusters by melting together:

Hershey's Extra Dark Chocolate
Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate
Hershey's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Drops
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Drops

The chocolate was tempered and pecan chips were added

The resulting chocolate clusters are firm at room temperature, but if held in the fingers become slightly sticky.

Years ago I believe that paraffin wax was added to prevent this happening, but I find nothing on your website about adding wax.

Is this possible, will it work, and what is your advice?


Hi Dean,

Well, I do mention now and then on the site that food grade paraffin wax can be added to melted chocolate if desired for dipped recipes, but I wouldn't think it would be necessary if you tempered the chocolate.

I don't recall ever reading that it's helpful to use paraffin when tempering chocolate, or even if it's a good idea.

Tempering generally gives you that firmer set and that nice snap just from putting it through the process of tempering without any additives.

However, I think you may have trouble with chocolate melting in your fingers regardless because body temperature is close to 100 degrees and chocolate melts from anywhere between 63 and 97 degrees, depending on the quality.

So, even with the tempering and/or using paraffin wax, chocolate that is handled is most likely going to get sticky and begin to melt.


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