Chocolate Candy Graduation Favors

Chocolate Candy Graduation Favors

Celebrate the end of an era with Chocolate Candy Graduation Favors. A chocolate party favor is a great way to tell your loved one how proud of them you really are.

If your little one is graduating from kindergarten, your teenager from high school or college, or your hubby or wife finally finishing up a grad course, do something extra special for the occasion.

You don't have to go to an awful lot of expense to incorporate a chocolate graduation party favor into your celebration. Here are a couple of clever ideas for you to consider.

Custom Chocolate Bars

graduation candy bar

One of my favorite choices for a chocolate party favor is always a custom chocolate bar. These favors are so versatile because they can be customized for any occasion. 

Choose from a wide selection at Memory Wraps or Candy

If you prefer, you can get the software from Custom Candy Wrappers or The Dapper Wrapper and then make and print out your own any time you like for any occasion at all. I love this because if you have the software, you can print out single wrappers to give to a loved one to make any day extra special.

If you decide to go that route, you can order chocolate bars from  Candy Crate,  the Candy Warehouse, or Dan's Chocolates

You can also get chocolate candy bars on ebay or even just pick up your favorite candy bars from Walmart or your local grocery store. 

Assorted Graduation Candy

For an assorted collection of ideas for Graduation candy, take a look at Candy Warehouse. They have chocolate covered gold medallions, graduation mints, lollipops, bubble gum and more. 

Custom Hershey's Kisses

Custom Hershey's Kisses

How about a chocolate kiss for a chocolate candy graduation favor? Each bite-size morsel will help commemorate the day with a custom sticker attached to the bottom. These clever little custom stickers are available at Candy

Order just the stickers and pick up your favorite flavor of Hershey's kiss at Candy Crate.  If you don't want to be bothered with the assembly process, Candy will do the work for you and send you the kisses "stickered up" and ready to go.

Molded Chocolate Candy Graduation Favors

graduation cap lollipop mold

Finally, let me suggest molded chocolate candy for a delightful graduation favor. You can get molds for only a couple of dollars and make your own unique graduation chocolate candy. 

You'll love the supplies you can get from Candyland Crafts and One Stop Candle.

You can read all about how to mold chocolate candy, and then just do it yourself. It is really easy to make adorable molded chocolate lollipops and other favors when you have the right tools. Imagine a chocolate graduation cap or the class year in molded chocolate numbers. You can get the molds, the chocolates, mini cello bags, and twist ties all at any one of those companies I just mentioned.

Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong with chocolate candy graduation favors. Congratulations to the Graduate!

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