Chocolate Candy Gift Baskets

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Because chocolate candy is such a universally well-loved pleasure, chocolate candy gift baskets make ideal presents for just about any occasion you can imagine.

How many people do you know that don't like chocolate? Not many, I’d bet. 

It would certainly put a smile on my face to receive a chocolate gift candy of any variety at all! How about you? I rest my case!

There is a wide range of incredible chocolate candy gift baskets that you can purchase and have delivered directly to the lucky recipient of your kind gesture. :)

This scrumptious selection chocolate candy gift baskets is from some of my favorite chocolate companies. These are sure to give you some ideas and get you drooling!

Prefer to do it yourself? Scroll all the way down the page for tips on making your own gift baskets.

Of course, if you have the time and motivation, you can design your own custom chocolate candy gift baskets and hand deliver your gift in person.

It doesn't take a whole lot of ingenuity
just a little thoughtful determination.

On the other hand, you can even have someone else design a chocolate candy gift basket for you. In fact, Design It Yourself Gift Baskets will let you tell them exactly how you want your gift basket and they will do the work for you. It's the best of both worlds.

There Are Four Basic Elements To Consider When Designing Chocolate Candy Gift Baskets

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  • The Base – I am particularly referring to "baskets" here, but there are any number of items that you can use for a base. A pretty box, a lovely glass or ceramic serving bowl, even an unusual plastic container can be pressed into service as your base. There have been occasions when I have even used shoe boxes and covered them with pretty wrapping paper. Suit your base to the individual who will be receiving it. 

    There are so many adorable baskets available on the market now. I love them all. However, if you are on a budget, like me, you may try my little trick of keeping my eyes open at garage sales and second hand shops for any type of clever container that will serve as a unique base.

  • The Filler/Liner – If your basket or base is particularly shallow, you may not want too much filler. In that case a pretty shade of tissue paper or a cloth napkin will work ideally as a liner for the bottom of your basket.

    On the other hand, a deeper base may call for shredded tissue paper. You could even scrunch up full size sheets of tissue paper and use that as your filler. At Easter, you can simply use the traditional Easter grass. 

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  • The Chocolate Candy - This is the absolute best part and the whole purpose of your gift. It is best if you know your friend’s favorite chocolate candy so that you can be sure to include some. 

    Regardless, you can mix and match chocolate candy bars, individually wrapped bon bons, bags of mini treats, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered coffee beans, chocolate covered pretzels, or gourmet chocolates. The combinations are limitless. 

    You'll find a wide selection of filler ideas at the Candy Warehouse and at Candy Crate.

    If you are looking for something specific visit my list of recommended chocolate candy sellers for a more detailed list and summary of what they offer.

    Whether you purchase these goodies or decide to produce some homemade chocolate candy, you can create a beautiful chocolate candy gift basket that will have someone drooling.

  • The Wrap - Preferably you will want to use a large sheet of clear cellophane to wrap your chocolate gift basket. Cellophane comes in several shades. You can choose one that is just right for your presentation. It's opaque quality allows the viewer to see the delicious treasure that lurks inside.

    You can order from the selection of cellophane rolls at Candyland Crafts. That is the easy option. :) They also carry many other helpful supplies, like some colorful ribbon or raffia to tie off at the top as the crowning glory. 

    Simply lay the cellophane on a flat surface. Place the finished basket in the center. Draw the corners up to meet at the top. Tie your ribbon or raffia about 6”-10” down from the top. I usually secure it with some clear tape first to be sure it stays firmly closed.

Hint: If you have gone all out and find that your chocolate candy basket is too big for the square of cellophane to do its job, tape two squares together to give you a large wrap to work with.

Chocolate Candy Gift Baskets are scrumptious gifts.

I do hope you will give making one a try. I can just about guarantee that your chocolate gift candy will be very well received! 

I'd love to hear your success story and see your unique creative genius. So, show off a bit by adding your chocolate gift basket creation to the other chocolate gifts. Everyone will be drooling at your photo.

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