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Valentine Chocolate Gift

Delicious and romantic valentine chocolate gift ideas to make the people you love feel extra special this Valentine's Day...

Continue reading "Valentine Chocolate Gift"

Peanut Patties!!

Peanut Patties!!

My mom got me into this one! She made it (with my sisters and I) for Christmas a few years back. I will never forget that day! We had a blast in the kitchen.

Continue reading "Peanut Patties!!"

Mothers Day Chocolate Gifts


Choose from a selection of Mothers Day Chocolate Gifts and Ideas that will let your mom know you are thinking of her with love.

Continue reading "Mothers Day Chocolate Gifts"

Mothers Day Jokes


Mothers Day Jokes are great for the Mom with a real sense of humor. Laughter makes us all feel better, so consider adding some jokes to your Mothers Day cards to lift everyone's spirits...

Continue reading "Mothers Day Jokes"

Chocolate Brain

A chocolate brain oozing with marshmallow cream is just what kids will love for a gruesome party of fun and horror.

Continue reading "Chocolate Brain "

Skull Molds

Use skull molds to make deliciously scary halloween treats for the kids this year! They're inexpensive and easy to use and add extra fun to the season...

Continue reading "Skull Molds"

Grandma’s Peanut Butter Fudge

Grandma's Peanut Butter Fudge

Grandma’s fudge was always so smooth and creamy. I am the only family member that has mastered granny’s fudge recipe. Throughout the family and neighborhood,

Continue reading "Grandma’s Peanut Butter Fudge"

A Christmas Story In Candy

A Merry Christmas Story In Candy Idea

I wanted to write a Christmas story using candy. So I used the inspiration from other stories I read online. And this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

Continue reading "A Christmas Story In Candy"

Halloween Recipes And Gift Ideas

Some Halloween Recipes revolve around chocolate (of course), but there are other yummy Halloween treats that you can thoroughly enjoy, too.

Continue reading "Halloween Recipes And Gift Ideas"

Chocolate Easter Candy

Chocolate Easter Candy adds a touch more fun and excitement to one of the most exciting holidays of the Christian calendar. Whether you are for or against indulging in this special treat...

Continue reading "Chocolate Easter Candy"

Chocolate Fudge On Ebay


Finding chocolate fudge on eBay is a sweet surprise for those who love to sink their teeth into a tasty auction.

Continue reading "Chocolate Fudge On Ebay"

Chocolate Auctions

Consider Chocolate Auctions on ebay for a way to pick up wonderful chocolate gifts and chocolate candy making supplies.

Continue reading "Chocolate Auctions"

Chocolate Covered Nuts On Ebay

Consider getting your chocolate covered nuts on eBay. You will discover a number of different sorts to try, including cashew, macadamia, and good old peanuts.

Continue reading "Chocolate Covered Nuts On Ebay"

Chocolate Covered Cherries On eBay


Commercial or homemade, you can often find chocolate covered cherries on eBay. You can have the fun of bidding in an auction or just buy some outright.

Continue reading "Chocolate Covered Cherries On eBay"

Chocolate Candy On Ebay


You can find chocolate candy on ebay being sold by individuals and small businesses alike. Save money on gifts and special treats...

Continue reading "Chocolate Candy On Ebay"

Chocolate Apples On eBay


Have you thought to look for your chocolate apples on eBay? eBay is a great place to pick up gourmet chocolate covered apples at bargain prices.

Continue reading "Chocolate Apples On eBay"

Carob On eBay


Surprisingly, I even found carob on eBay! It is a great place to find good prices on a whole range of tasty treats.

Continue reading "Carob On eBay"

Candy Thermometer On eBay


Buy your candy thermometer on eBay if you want to get a bargain or even if you're an eBay addict and love to do your shopping for candy making supplies online.

Continue reading "Candy Thermometer On eBay"

Candy Molds On Ebay


Look here for the latest candy molds on eBay and find yourself a bargain. Browse through a large selection of available chocolate molds of all different shapes and varieties.

Continue reading "Candy Molds On Ebay"

Christmas Truffles


Christmas Truffles are a lot easier to make than you might imagine. They are little bites of heaven in your mouth, and adorable festive treats. These look like mini Christmas puddings...

Continue reading "Christmas Truffles"

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