Chocolate Bouquet Shop

by Misty

Thinking About Opening Up Shop

I am researching the things I need to do to open up a chocolate bouquet shop in my area.

I was wondering if I had to make chocolate home made or can I order chocolate online and then melt it down and mold it so I can use it to make my arrangements with them?

Hi Misty,

Sure, you can order your chocolate from Candyland Crafts or another online seller and then make your own chocolate bouquets to sell.

You might also be interested in hearing that we will very soon be opening up a program here where visitors can list their products for sale. This may be a good way for you to get started for a lot less expense.

You can fill out our survey on selling candy online and you'll be notified when the program begins (we're shooting for September 2010).

All the best for your success in making and selling chocolate candy bouquets!


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