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Have you thought to look for your Chocolate Apples on eBay or Amazon? I know.  It wasn't my first thought either.

Surprise, surprise!  eBay and Amazon happen to be a great places to pick up gourmet chocolate apples at bargain prices.  I should know because I discovered this myself by ordering some delicious chocolate dipped apples to sample the offerings.

A really nice gourmet chocolate caramel apple can cost you from $30-$40 each at a high end shop or some of the big name brand sites. On eBay and Amazon, you can really save and still indulge in the luxury of a scrumptious chocolate apple.

When I first saw chocolate covered apples listed on eBay, I wondered about the quality myself. 

However, I took a good look at the selection and chose some amazing chocolate covered apples and had them delivered to my dad as a special treat. 

He loved them!

These particular chocolate apples were absolutely smothered in caramel, chocolate, and even candy on top!

My Dad shared slices with my Mom and the grandkids and everyone was more than impressed.

Those marvelous chocolate candy apples aren't always listed on eBay, but I've found some fantastic ones on Amazon (shown below) as well as some of the current listings available on eBay.  Grab them while you can!

Chocolate Covered Apples on Amazon & eBay

Are you ready to start drooling? Check them out!

Okay, I have to give you fair warning.  Some days, it doesn't appear that my eBay listings above show very many genuine chocolate covered apples on eBay. Scented candles, etc., sneak in there sometimes.

If that's what it looks like to you, that doesn't mean that there aren't any chocolate covered apples available today.

What you need to do is go directly to eBay and use their search feature to type in chocolate covered or apples or chocolate dipped apples .  Select the Home & Garden category and then you can filter even further to Food if you like. 

I don't know why the eBay listings don't always appear properly on my site, but I can almost guarantee that if you "seek" properly you will "find" at least a few really delectable options.  :)

If you absolute can't find them, shoot me an email and I'll find them for you and email you a direct link.  Fair enough?  Have fun!

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