Chocolate Anniversary Party Favor
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Chocolate Anniversary Party Favor

Celebrate the big day with a Chocolate Anniversary Party Favor! 

Nowadays, longevity in marriage is getting more and more rare. That in itself is a very good reason to make a big deal of the couple who goes against the odds and hang in there through the ups and downs of life.

Depending on your budget and the type of party you are having, there is a chocolate party favor that is right for you and your special occasion.

Gourmet Chocolate Party Favor

If you are planning a formal affair, you should consider mini boxes of gourmet truffles from My Wedding Favors or Dan's Chocolates.

Another beautiful chocolate anniversary party favor option is chocolate spoons. These yummy little treasures are lovely and a bit different. They can also be found at My Wedding Favors.

I would certainly recommend either of these delightful choices if you want to go first class. 

Personalized Chocolate Party Favors

Personalized Chocolate Party Favors

How about a custom anniversary favor that is personalized for the happy couple. You could have itimprinted with personal details like their names, wedding date, or number of years married.

Personalized candy bar wrappers are a great choice. You can order them custom printed and ready to go from Memory Wraps and also from Candy Wrappers

anniversary chocolate kiss

If you like the idea of a personalized chocolate party favor, but are interested in something a little less expensive consider getting personalized stickers for Hershey's kisses or chocolate coins. I love this idea because it is adorable and also easy on the budget. :)

anniversary chocolate coin

You will find this option at Memory Wraps. Take a look at the designs they have available. They will provide them already attached to the chocolate, or you can order just the stickers and assemble them yourself with your choice of different flavored kisses or chocolate coins from Candy Warehouse or Candy Crate.

Make Your Own 
Chocolate Anniversary Party Favors

Perhaps you'd like to make your own chocolate party favors. If so, there are about a hundred different recipes on this site to choose from that you could create in your own kitchen and then wrap them in party favor bags or party favor boxes that suit your theme. You can get all the favor supplies you need at Candyland Crafts or One Stop Candle.

couple heart mold lollipop

You can also make molded chocolates, maybe hearts or numbers to signify the special year. You could even select molds that are suitable for the particular couple like a special hobby or favorite theme. You'll love browsing through their online mold catalog.

I hope these chocolate party favor ideas will be just what you are looking for. The biggest trouble I have is trying to make a decision on which chocolate anniversary party favor to choose! :) Have a great party!

Have A Chocolate Party Favor Idea?

Go ahead and show off your creativity. We'd all love to see what you've done.

Maybe you saw something extra special or super cute at a party or wedding that you attended. Do tell..

If you have a photo, all the better. Tell us about it in the form below. We'd even like to know any humorous or poignant details that make your story unique.

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