Chocolate and Caffeine

Chocolate and Caffeine

For years a lot of us have worried about the affects of chocolate and caffeine. We enjoy a treat, but we don't want to run the risk of going overboard.

First of all, white chocolate does not contain caffeine at all. Because it is made only from cocoa butter without the cocoa solids, white chocolate is caffeine free.

If you are highly intolerant to caffeine, you can still treat yourself to that lovely mild chocolate flavor that is found in real white chocolate.

Yes, milk chocolate does contain caffeine, but there is probably a lot less caffeine in chocolate than you would have expected.

Chocolate candy actually only has about 6 mg. of caffeine per ounce. That really isn't very much when compared to tea, coffee and many soft drinks.

One report I read stated that you would have to eat 12 Hershey bars to get as much caffeine as in one cup of coffee. 

Now, I enjoy a good cup of coffee, but stack up 12 Hershey bars next to a cup of that brew and you'll find me choosing the chocolate bars every time! :)

Another interesting article I read declared that there is a bit of debate over whether or not chocolate candy contains any caffeine at all. Another similar ingredient, theobromine is perhaps being confused with caffeine in testing. 

Theobromine is a stimulant as well as caffeine, but it releases more slowly in the system. Some people believe that its affect may cause you to experience disturbed sleep patterns. 

There is a down side. Unfortunately, chocolate candy, because of the theobromine, is lethal to dogs and some other animals. Never give your pet any chocolate candy as a treat. Your beloved animal could die as a result. 

Apart from that, unless you are extremely sensitive to caffeine, don't let the caffeine level scare you away from enjoying a bit of chocolate. Unless you are literally eating it by the pound (which I could easily do), you really don't have to worry.

So, grab a piece of your favorite chocolate or whip up a batch of homemade chocolate candy, and put your fears about chocolate and caffeine to rest. Don't get carried away, though, or the next thing you'll be worried about is your scale! :)

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