Choco Peanut Butter Balls

by Alissa
(Farmington Maine)

My Choco Peanut Butter Balls Adventure!

I started making candies in 2004, when I first moved into my own apartment. I'm self taught (not always a good thing but a point of pride).

My boyfriend had given me a chocolate fondue pot, and using that I began my journey toward what is now a holiday tradition.

I bought some semi-sweet morsels, peanut butter, and fluff. I mixed up fluff and crunchy peanut butter, until it was scoopable with a spoon but not sticky, then scooped it onto a cookie sheet, and froze it, while melting the chocolate in the fondue pot.

Then, I dipped the pb/fluff balls into the chocolate and set them back on the cookie sheet, which went back into the freezer until they were set. These were a huge hit among friends and coworkers.

Now, I use a confectioner's sugar, butter and flavoring concoction for the stuffing of my chocolate balls and make a variety, including peanut butter, maple, mint, and coconut.

This year, I'm going to experiment with candy molds and tempered chocolate for Christmas packages to family and friends.

My favorite molds are Wilton candy molds. They've been a lot of fun in creating things for various occasions and if I can find some Christmas themed ones, I look forward to using them. Otherwise, I'll stick with the candy cup mold I have.

Your site has provided a lot of help for this new adventure!

Hi Alissa,

Being self-taught isn't a bad way to learn! I always say that you have a lot of fun eating your "mistakes."

Thanks for telling us about the variety of Choco Peanut Butter Balls you've made and your plans for this years candy making marathon.

I hope you'll take some photos of your upcoming chocolate adventures and show them off to us here. We always love new goodies to drool over!


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