Choc Carmel Apples

by Lisa
(Rhode Island)


I'm making choc carmel apples and would love to ship some to my sister and her family in Virginia.

I want to use the postal service since I work for them... but how do I ship them in a box for safe delivery.

Thank you.
Lisa in Rhode Island

Hi Lisa,

I'm sure your sister and her family would absolutely love to get some marvelous chocolate caramel apples in the mail. What a delicious surprise!

I've ordered choc caramel apples for my own family in the past and they were delivered by mail, so it shouldn't be a problem to post them via the USPS.

I would just be careful to wrap them well and don't allow a lot of room for them to move around in the box. You can probably just scrunch up newspaper to use as cushioning if you don't have the bubble wrap or shipping "peanuts" that are customary.

I hope they love and appreciate your efforts!

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