Chewy Center In A Hard Candy Lollipop

by Debbie W.
(Madera CA USA)

How can you insert a chewy center in a hard candy lollipop?

I'm trying to make a hard candy lollipop that has a soft chewy center - Like a tootsie pop. Are there any tricks or suggestions you could offer?

Hi Debbie,

I have to honestly admit that I've never made lollipops with chewy centers before.

I would assume that you'd need to make your centers and attach them to the lollipop sticks first and set them aside.

Once you cook your hard candy syrup to the correct temperature, you'd have to quickly dip the centers (maybe double or triple dip?) and set them on an oiled tray to set.

Of course, if you are using lollipop molds, you'd fill the molds with the hot candy and then insert the sticks with the centers and twist them until the center was completely covered.

Like I said, I haven't done it myself, but that's probably what I'd do as my first test run. If anyone else has made lollipops with chewy centers, hopefully they will share their experience and tips with you using the comment link below.

Let us know if you give it a try and how they turn out. You can help the next person who comes along. :)


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