Carob Candy
The Healthier Alternative to Chocolate?

Carob Candy

If you are looking for an alternative to chocolate, Carob Candy is a terrific choice. 

Although carob is definitely not chocolate, a good friend of mine, Joanna, insisted that I include a bit about carob at Chocolate Candy Mall. I succumbed to peer pressure :) and gave in.

Like chocolate, carob does come from the Good Lord by way of one of His trees.

Carob pods are taken from the evergreen tree called Ceratonia siliqua.

The pods produce a pulp that is dried then roasted and, finally, ground to form a carob powder that is used as a sweet chocolate substitute. 

This powder can also be purchased as carob chips for use in melting like chocolate, or used in recipes whole.

carob chips

Carob does not contain any caffeine or theobromine so it is considered by many to be healthier than chocolate. But, according to my research, although different, carob is not necessarily a healthier choice, but an alternative for those who cannot have chocolate.

You can purchase carob "chocolate" candy at only a couple of places that I've found online. Here are some of the best I've located.

But, for making your own candy, you can get carob at Candyland Crafts, at a more than reasonable price.

If you have a good health food store in your area, you can probably find carob powder or chips there, too. 

If you would like to
make some candy using carob, I have compiled a collection of recipes for you to try. I am not a really big fan of carob, but I must admit these recipes make my mouth water. 

I am going to have to get Joanna to whip up a batch as a reward for these pages. :) I've enjoyed several of her healthy concoctions. I have to say they are pretty delicious.

Candy Recipes Using Carob:

If you come up with some other clever recipes for candy made from carob, please do share them here. I'm sure Joanna and others will thank you. :)

Do You Have A Carob Question or Recipe Idea?

If you have a carob question or a yummy carob recipe idea, we want to hear from you.

You can share your recipe with other carob lovers by simply filling out the form below. If you've taken a snapshot of your finished sweet, we'd love to see that, too, for inspiration!

Have a question about using carob? I may not know the answer, but Joanna probably does. Ask your question here...

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