Card For Pastor Appreciation Day

We made this card for Pastor Appreciation Day 2009.

    We just wanted to take a FASTBREAK to share with you what you mean to us! We appreciate how you spread the (Almond)JOY of the Lord!

    Your RED HOT sermons help each of us! Keeping the commandments will bring a big PAYDAY, NOW & LATER!

    TAKE 5 minutes to count your blessings. The Scriptures can be real LIFESAVERS! Be EXTRA diligent in studying them so you can be STRONG in faith at (Nestle)CRUNCH time.

    Trust in the Lord, even when you hear SNICKERS!

    M & M'S stand for Mercy and Miracles from God. Knowing Jesus as your personal Savior will give you MOUNDS of happiness.

    Don't fall to (Reese's)PIECES! God will take care of you! Standing on His promises, we can have a life of CAREFREE BLISS.

    Lay up for yourselves a SKOR of treasures in heaven! Take it to the Lord in prayer. He (Gummy)Bears all of our burdens! Each of us should be PUDDING our trust in God! God plays a very important ROLO in our lives! God will give us GOOD & PLENTY of strength to face our trials and TEMPTATIONS!

    Jesus is the RIESEN for the season!

    Each of us is a star in God's MILKY WAY!

    TWIX you and me, God is #1 in my life.

    We would be NUTS to miss a chance to tell you how we feel!

    Your humorous anecdotes, within the sermon, sometimes give us the CHUCKLES! You deserve a BONUS. How about a 100 GRAND!

    All of this is (York)Mint to let you know how much we appreciate you!

That's an adorable card for Pastor Appreciation Day! You did a great job with it. I hope he really enjoyed it.

I'll have to pass the idea on to the folks in our church. They did do some special things for Pastor Appreciation this year, but this is something they haven't done yet.

Thanks for sharing it with us!

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