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by Selling Candy From Home

How do I get my candy/baking business to get noticed, and take off?

Hello, I have been trying for a year now to get my baking/candy making business to take off.

I have run ads and only received 2-3 replies to my ad.

I return e-mails ASAP, and when I ask for a few details on what they have in mind for their occasion or gift, I never seem to get any answers back from them.

I usually will e-mail back 1-2 times if I don't hear back after a few days to see if they are interested or not.

I had a bride want 200 items, but when I asked her to please tell me the color scheme of her wedding, and what direction she wanted me to go she just said she would send it, but nothing ever came.

I only got that she was using several different blues. Well I know that with a wedding people are VERY picky about it being perfect. It is a big day.

I had everything ready as she was asking for something done that was going to take several hours, and I gave her more than a reasonable rate for the amount of work and product I was going to have to put in.

I never did get any samples of exactly what blue tones she was using which meant had I made it not knowing it could have clashed, and I would be out time and money.

I also had a different client who contacted me 3 months ahead of time which was great for my handmade lollipops for a baby shower.

She wanted 2-3 different flavors and molds. Again no problem, and I gave her a great rate, but again she never would return my e-mails.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get my candy/goodie business off the ground?

I am trying to contact a mom about her sons 1st birthday, but again I am getting no answer back.

Help please I don't know what I am doing wrong on getting clients.

Thank you.

Hi Selling Candy from Home,

It's exciting to hear that you are trying
to start a candy/baking business. What a great idea to earn an income from home!

I know it can be quite frustrating to try to fill orders when people are not cooperating by providing you the specifics.

First of all, don't buy the supplies or make the treats until you have been paid for the work, or at least received a down payment.

When people have put money down, they will be more likely to respond to requests for clarification, etc.

I know exactly what you are referring to as far as people not having the courtesy to respond to your emails. It happens to me all the time. :)

They should at least thank you for your time and let you know that they are no longer interested instead of keeping you hanging!

Occasionally people have legitimate reasons for failing to respond. For instance, I've taken so long to post this question to the site because it came in during a time when I was caring for my terminally ill mother and I didn't have time to get to it before now.

However, I've found that in general, people seem to be becoming less and less courteous of other people's time and efforts. This should be a reminder to all of us to be more diligent in the area of common courtesies.

It sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things to try to get your candy/baking business to take off. Having an online presence where people can order exactly what they want and pay in advance would be a huge advantage for home business candy sellers.

I've been thinking about this a lot while caring for my sweet mother and I'm going to try to make that option available here at as it seems to be a reasonable next step.

If this is something you (or others) would like to consider, please let me know by filling out the survey for those who may like to sell candy online.

I look forward to hearing from you and possibly helping you to get your candy/baking business to gradually take off.


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Jul 07, 2011
by: Lindsey

Hello ladies! I am planing to make 200 assorted flavors (caramel, chocolate and white chocolate covered apples for my wedding on October 21st, 2011) I don't where either of you are located but would love to at least get a quote from you and determine if you would be within my budget. My email is [email protected] look foward to hearing from you!

Mar 04, 2011
by: Blissful Scents & Sweets

I just re-read my post & it should have read $194 per YEAR for the Chamber of Commerce dues!! No wonder why you thought it was so expensive :) I guess it does pay to proof-read.

Oct 01, 2010
Candy/Baking Business
by: Angie

Those are great tips for generating some offline contacts. You sound like you are definitely a "people person." :-)

Some people are simply mortified at the idea of approaching people in public places. They are extremely shy. If they can overcome that reticence, chocolate (or candy in general) is usually quite well accepted by people.

You are making the most of your offline opportunities. I'm surprised it's so expensive for the Chamber of Commerce meetings. I've attended a few as a guest of someone else and never knew the membership was so dear.

We've just opened our "store" section here at CCM so that SAHM vendors can list their products for sale here (no commissions - just a flat monthly listing fee). Visit the Chocolate Candy Mall Store for more details.

You may want to consider that as I think you'll get more exposure online than offline, particularly over the coming holidays and as this site continues to grow and grow.

Regardless, keep up the great work both online and offline. I wish you the best of success from one chocolate lover to another! :-)


Oct 01, 2010
Promote yourself!!
by: Blissful Scents & Sweets

I am a SAHM & started my chocolate business a little over a year ago. It's been a slow process but my name is getting out there.

I suggest you talk to EVERYONE about what you do. I carry my "portfolio" (I call it my book) with pictures of all the different chocolates I have made. I went to Office Max & got the print your own business cards ($5 for 100). I also print 4x6 photo collages of my chocolates to hand out as flyers (.29 each, probably cheaper if you buy them by mail) I sign up for as many vendor/craft fairs as I can find. If I'm in the grocery store, doctor's/dentist's office, restaurant, etc., I will give people my business card & ask them if they would mind looking at my book. Most people are very interested & 9 times out of 10 I hear, "Oh, I need something special for a baby shower or birthday party!" I can't really think of a time when someone even seemed the least bit bothered that I stopped them. I have a Facebook page (set-up a business page) just for my chocolates. I put up all my pictures there. It is free unless you want to pay for the ads. I ask all my friends to become a fan of my page & then their friends will see what I do & become fans as well. I recently joined my local Chamber of Commerce. They have monthly mixers that average 50-60 people. For the $194 monthly fee I think that exposure is worth it. They also have twice yearly mixers that average 150-200 people. I could go on all night but it's a start, I hope this helps :)

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