Candy Thermometer that says soft ball, hard crack, etc.

by Donna
(Phoenix, AZ)

I am looking for a candy thermometer that says soft ball, hard crack, etc. on the thermometer so I can tell what is the degrees. A lot of my old recipes just say soft ball, hard crack, etc.

The thermometers I have looked for do not say on the thermometer what is soft stage or hard stage.

I don't like the tube type, I like the larger face type and they are the ones that I am looking for but have not found one that tells me the stages, just the degrees....

Can you help me?

Hi Donna,

The kind of thermometer that says soft ball, hard crack, etc., can be found at Candyland Crafts.

They have half a dozen different ones to choose from, but I think the one you are referring to is the Wilton Candy Thermometer, which is first on the list.

If that's not the kind you are after, you could continue to use your current thermometer, but just write the candy syrup stages on a 3x5 card and tape it inside your cupboard for handy reference.

Thread230 - 234 F.
Soft Ball234 - 240 F.
Firm Ball242 - 248 F.
Hard Ball250 - 268 F.
Soft Crack270 - 290 F.
Hard Crack300 - 310 F.

Hope that helps!

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