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Did you know that you can find candy molds on eBay and Amazon that will help you build your chocolate candy making molds collection?

To be honest, my absolute favorite place to buy chocolate candy molds is at second hand shops and garage sales.  I have gotten some amazing buys! 

Having said that, I have to admit that I really enjoy the fun of bidding on eBay, too. Sometimes you can get a whole box of candy molds and other related goodies for one low price.

Another benefit of using eBay as a resource for buying candy making molds is that you can sometimes find molds there that you can't find elsewhere.  There are retired molds as well as some old fashioned molds that are really interesting.

Amazon is probably a better resource if you know exactly what you want and are wanting to buy new.  While they do have new chocolate molds on eBay, you

It's amazing the unusual things you can find at really great prices. Take a look for yourself.

Candy Molds on Amazon

Here are some of the current molds for candy making on Amazon today...

Browse Available Candy Molds on eBay Today

Have a look at some of the chocolate candy molds available on eBay at the moment.

Well, what do you think?  Are you surprised at the selection?  :) I thought you might be!

Of course, if you are looking for something specific, just jump on over to eBay and use their search feature to narrow down the description. 

For instance, if you are wanting a specific shaped mold (heart), just click through to eBay site and then add those specific words  to the phrase candy mold (heart shaped candy mold) and you'll get even more specific results.

In fact, once you've found your eBay treasures, what I'd really like is to have you show off your molds and your molded chocolates to us.  We LOVE sharing our work and seeing yours too!

All you have to do is take some photos and us the form here on our chocolate candy making molds page to tell us all about your purchases and projects.  If you created your candies for a special occasion (birthday party, baby shower, wedding, whatever!) give us all the details.  It just adds to the fun and inspires us to create more, too.

I remember one of our visitors was looking for a cabbage patch candy mold a few years ago.  I couldn't find it for her anywhere and then I had a eureka moment and looked on eBay.  Sure enough, there were 2 available at the time.  It was perfect and she was able to go on and make cabbage patch chocolate molded lollipops.  They were adorable. 

So, have fun searching and Good luck!

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