Candy Making Supplies
Just What You Need To Create Your Own Masterpiece

Candy Making Supplies

You definitely need some quality Candy Making Supplies if you want to create superior homemade chocolate candy.

Your homemade chocolate candy recipes will be so much easier to prepare if you have the right candy making equipment.

You may ask yourself, "What exactly do I need for candy making?" 

Of course, the answer to that question depends upon what type of chocolate candy you plan to make. 

For most candy making, you will need a good saucepan for heating, a double boiler for melting, and a candy thermometer to be sure your temperatures are accurate.

You may also need wooden spoons, a whisk, a marble slab, baking sheets, mini muffin tins, dipping forks, a timer, a pastry brush, measuring cups and spoons, or a sifter.

shopping chocolate molds onestopcandle

Maybe you will be looking for a pastry bag, pastry blender, pastry scraper, or various shaped candy cutters and chocolate molds. 

tools chocolate mold onestopcandle

Don't panic! You certainly don't need everything on this list of candy making supplies. You probably have many of these items already. These are just suggestions of items that are handy to have for different types of candy making.

For some homemade chocolate candy recipes you may want to use little paper candy cups, skewers, lollipop sticks, or cellophane bags. Or how about for decoration some sprinkles, jimmies, or candy confetti?

Most important of all you need chocolate! You could use plain white, milk, or dark chocolate. Or, you could go all out and melt some colored wafers for more elaborate designs. 

Many of these candy making tools and supplies can be found at your local grocers, but for the widest variety take a look at what some of these wonderful candy making supply distributors have available. The prices are great, too.

My favorite distributor is Candyland Crafts

  • Chocolate
  • Candy Molds (over 2000)
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Merckens Rainbow Chocolate Wafers
  • Parve Chocolate Baking Bars
  • Sugar Free Wafers
  • Wilbur Confections
  • Melting Bowls and Palettes
  • Thermometers
  • Lollipop Sticks
  • Paper Candy Cups
  • Candy Boxes
  • Cellophane
  • Favor Bags
  • Twists & Ribbons
  • Sprinkles, Jimmies, Candy Confetti
  • and much more...

My second favorite distributor is One Stop Candle

  • Chocolate
  • Candy Molds
  • Merckens Chocolate Melts
  • Prepared Creme Filling 
  • Food Coloring
  • Flavor Oils
  • Candy Writer
  • Decorative Favor Bags & Boxes
  • Twist Ties
  • Curling Ribbon
  • Lollipop Sticks
  • Polly & Cello Bags
  • and much more...

I really enjoy browsing through the candy making supplies at these online stories and planning out what I want to use for my next big project.

Maybe you would like to try your hand at fondue. If you don't have a fondue pot, you can order one from Candyland Crafts

Candy making is a whole lot of fun! It is a pleasure that you can share with your children and pass down as a family tradition. I hope you will have as much fun creating delicious homemade sweets as I do. 

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