Candy Making On A Radiant Heat Stove

by Chrissy
(Appleton WI )

I have a question about candy making on a radiant heat stove.

I just started trying to make candy, and have not done well at all with reaching temperatures at a low or medium setting so they don't scorch.

I have attempted fruit jellies and caramel. I have a lollipop kit, but don't want to attempt anything until I get this figured out.

My problem is that I can only get it to the higher temp by turning the temperature on my stove top up, and then the caramel starts to scorch even with constant stirring.

Is this because I have a radiant heat stove top? If so, is there any way around this without having to buy a new stove?? Thanks!!!

Hi Chrissy,

I have to say, I'm not familiar with the difficulty of candy making on a radiant heat stove top.

I'm going to post your question in the hopes that some of our other site visitors can give you a little guidance and advice on this one.

I would just mention that it is important to test your candy thermometer by boiling water on your radiant heat stove and see if water is boiling at the right temperature, 212° F.

If there is any adjustments to be made up or down, do that as a first step in improving the quality of the candy making experience for you.

Does anyone else with a radiant heat stove (or an understanding of the science behind this) have any advice for Chrissy? Much appreciated if you'll help us out here!


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Aug 11, 2013
beginner NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello my name is Linda and I am in the process of learning candy making / chocolate and hard candy I will soon be leaving for another country and this and teaching English will be my income so any and all advice would be appreciated on what I will need to have to make this a success such as supplies melting pot???

Aug 13, 2009
The Pan
by: Susan

I'm just wondering about the pan you are using to make the candy. I find a good quality, thicker based pan makes all the different on my radiant heat stove.

A thin pan will result in scorched candy on my stove.

I hope that helps!

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