Candy Jar Favors 
Fill Them With Fun

Candy Jar Favors

Make your own Candy Jar Favors to match any occasion that you want to add a little fun.

You can really use any size glass jars that you choose, but if you need a lot of candy jar favors, it will reduce your costs if you use baby food jars.

Baby food jars are a perfect size for a chocolate party favor. They are big enough to be a treat, but small enough not to cost a fortune to fill with goodies.

If you don't use baby food yourself, ask your friends with babies to save them for you. You can sometimes find them at garage sales and second had shops, too.

Show off YOUR party favors or add cute ideas YOU'VE seen!

Prepare the Jars If you do use recycled jars, be sure to wash them thoroughly with hot soapy water and rinse them well. You may even want to soak them in a mixture of 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 gallon of water. That will help remove any odors or flavors that sometimes lingers.

Once the jars are washed and completely dry, they are ready to be filled. Choose from a variety of small chocolates for filling the jars. 

Choose Your Chocolate Candy Fillings

Some filler suggestions are:

  • chocolate covered peanuts
  • chocolate covered raisins
  • bridge mix
  • chocolate covered coffee beans
  • chocolate covered espresso beans
  • chocolate covered fruit

For a kid's party you may want to go with something more colorful and simple like M&M's. There really are a lot of choices if you look around and use your imagination. 

Here is a selection of ideas that you can use as delicious fillings for chocolate candy jars:

Finish The Favors

Once you've prepared your jars and purchased your chocolate candy, it is time to finish off your favors. 

You can coordinate the finishing touches of your candy jar favors to match a holiday or special occasion.

You could have custom stickers printed up to place on the tops of the lids or on the jars themselves. Look over the choices at Candy Wrappers or make some up yourself using the software at Custom Candy Wrappers or The Dapper Wrapper.

jar candy with ids

Choose festive ribbons to wrap around the tops of the jars. You could use ribbon with hearts for Valentine's Day, Shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day, red-white-and-blue for July 4th, etc. You could also match the ribbon color to your party decorations. 

Finally, for a special homey look to your candy jar favors you may want to select a small printed calico fabric and cut it in squares approximately 4-6 inches depending on the size of your lids. Cover the lid and tie a ribbon around the neck of the jar to hold it in place. If your party is a little more elegant, you could substitute with a gold or silver satin ribbon over a higher quality fabric like lace or chiffon.

You will find quite a selection of both ribbon and fabric at

If you have pinking sheers, use them for the cutting as they will help keep the ends of the fabric from fraying.

You can take this idea for candy jar favors and adjust it with your own clever variations. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like. When you make a chocolate party favor, you'll have all your friends saying, "Thanks for the favor!"

Show off YOUR party favors or add cute ideas YOU'VE seen!

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