Candy House

by Carol
(Long Beach, CA)

A half finished candy house...

A half finished candy house...

Every year we make a candy house with our grandchildren for Christmas.

They love it, but after a day or two, most of the candy starts sweating and running, so I need some advice.

The house is on a base of about 2ft by 2ft. They use a different variety of candy every year, stuck on with royal icing, which does not sweat. The house and base are wood.

This year they used Gummi Bears and suckers, along with peppermint sticks, gumballs, some chocolate, and about every candy available at the candy store. :)

They love to take it to school but sometimes it looks pretty rough by Monday. They live in Long Beach, California, which can be very humid.

Any ideas you have would be most appreciated.
Thank you,

Hi Carol,

I absolutely love this tradition you have of making a candy house with the grandkids. It's really wonderful and something I know they will always remember and look back on as a precious memory (rough looking or not!). :)

I can certainly see your dilemma! I suspect that you'd probably have trouble with some of the candy "sweating" regardless of the the climate, but being in Southern California certainly will make it a lot harder.

The problem, as I see it, is that the candy is sitting uncovered and is going draw moisture from the air. If there were a container larger enough to hold the candy house when the kids weren't working on it, that might do the trick.

Can you find an airtight plastic container large enough to hold it at someplace like Walmart or Home Depot or something?

If that's impossible, maybe you could settle for finding a container large enough to place over the house itself - even if it's just upside down over the house, it may reduce the sweating to some extent.

Maybe another of our visitors will have some suggestions too.

Thanks so much for sharing the adorable photo of your grandson working on his candy house. It's a treasure! :)


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