Candy Bar Cards For Christmas

by Megan B
(White House, TN, U.S)

Well me and my best friend made two of our closest guy friends candy bar cards for Christmas and it was a great hit with the both of them!! They both have it hanging on their wall!!

    *Mr. Goodbar* and Mrs. *Hersheys* want to wish you a Merry Christmas by sending you a *100 Grand* after *Payday* but thought that an *Orbit* around the *Milkyway* with the *3 Muskateers* would be better but with *Baby Ruth* on the way they let time slip through their *Butterfingers* so they did a *Take5* to send you a *Teddy Graham* (we got one of the to go cups of teddy graham) full of *Almound Joy* and *Snickers*!! *Kiss*...

Hi Megan,

Love your ideas for the Christmas candy bar cards. I can see why the guys would have loved them. Good job!

Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. I hope you'll add more ideas in future.

In fact, if you do something clever for them for Valentine's Day, take a minute to tell us about it and enter the Valentine Ideas Contest. You may end up a winner of one of the yummy prizes. :)

Thanks again,

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