Candy Bar Card For Retirement

Do you have any ideas on a candy bar card for retirement?

My father-in-law is retiring and I want to make him a cute candy bar card but have no ideas on what to say.


A candy bar card for retirement is a perfect idea. Make it silly and fun to get some extra chuckles. Here are a few ideas...

    You've worked GOOD&PLENTY and you deserve a CAREFREE time to relax and enjoy the BOUNTY of your labors. You spent years RAISINets your kids and now it's your turn to TAKE 5 and enjoy a PICNIC or a trip to the MOUNTAINs or even take in a SYMPHONY if you're in the mood. Don't worry about every little WATCHAMACALLIT back on the job. If they hit a SOUR PATCH, just remember that you don't have to be the LIFESAVER any longer. You won't be getting a PAYDAY, so they'll have to go that ROCKY ROAD without you. It's time for you to take EXTRA SPECIAL time for you and your family before your old bones start to CRACKLE and CRUNCH. Have MOUNDS of fun.
    We love you and wish you all the best.

    HUGS and KISSES,

Well, there's some ideas to get you started. Let us know what you finally settle on. If you can take a photo and add it here, we'd love to see it.


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