Candy Bar Card for a Friend's 60th Birthday!

by Susan
(Morayfield, Qld, Australia)

My finished candy bar card

My finished candy bar card

Angie, I finally made a candy bar card like the ones you have shown us how to make here! My friend Bob turned 60 this week and I thought it would be a perfect idea for his party. It was a hit with everyone going out to dinner with him this evening!

It was fun making this. I used a piece of Styrofoam as a base for the card as it was sturdier than construction paper and I thought it would be easier to hand around at a dinner party.

Also, I could use my straight pins from my sewing box to attach the words and candy bars. (I wrote a little tutorial for how I made it over at PaperCraftCentral in case anyone wants to take a closer look :))

My card said...

    "Dear Bob,

    We know you need a BOOST now the CRUNCH(ie) has come and you have reached that (Cherry)RIPE old age of 60, so here’s some advice. Take some TIME OUT to DREAM. Go on PICNICS with the (Turkish) DELIGHTful love of your life. Be (Cara)MELLOW and try not to FLAKE when out with friends.

    Happy Birthday to our OLD FAVOURITE friend. Have a CADBURY DAIRY MILK CHOCOLATE day!

    Love from your pseudo sibling and his wife, Colin & Susan XXX"

Thanks for the idea!


Your candy bar card for your friend's 60th is absolutely brilliant!

I love the idea of using the Styrofoam. I can see how that would be nice and sturdy for the finished project.

Thank you so much for adding your card here for all of us chocoholics to learn from and drool over.

Papercraft Central is really looking great. You have some beautiful ideas there and very clever ideas.


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Jan 27, 2011
by: Angie B.

We are having a surprise 60th birthday party for my mother in law. She has always done a candy bar card for all of our birthdays/weddings. I want to make a good one for her. Can you help me???? Her name is Dorothy and again she is turning 60. She loves her grandkids and kids. She loves flowers. She has a lot of flower gardens,that's her passion. She also golfs. She isn't really liking the fact that she is turning 60. I want this card to be from all of her kids and grandkids, so if you can help me at all, that would be awesome. Oh the party is on Feb 5th 2011, so I would need it ASAP

Jun 06, 2010
Another Card for Milestone birthday
by: Sara

See my two milestone birthday cards I made -- showing photo album and a video how to:

I loved making these cards -- though sometimes it is hard to find the candies, as a lot of the older candy that was sold long ago is no longer available.

Jun 24, 2009
Thank You!
by: Susan

Awww, thank you for your kind words, Angie :) Your site is also one of my very favourites and I love being able to find so many different ideas about chocolate here!

I'm definitely one of your fans! :)

Jun 24, 2009
Great Ideas for Candy Bar Card Sayings
by: Angie

I love it! You both have some great ideas for candy bar card sayings. It's so nice to see a new turn of phrase that we can draw from when creating these simple but fun and appreciated cards for special occasions.

Susan, your site is looking great. It's always good for stimulating clever ideas! :)

Jun 24, 2009
That's great!
by: Susan

Tracey, I just had to comment on your cleverness and humour in putting together such a special message for your Aunt! I love it! I am sure you will get a good reaction with your card :)

I made something up about Father's Day recently:

"I'd have to go to MARS to find a Dad like you. Ever since I was a BABE (Ruth) you always TAKE 5 to BOOST me up when I am down. You're a TOP DECK kind of Dad!"

You can see it here:

Jun 24, 2009
My friend's 40th Candy bar card
by: Tracey Maher

I have a fabulous friend who is having a Birthday tomorrow ( her 40th) and I went on a wholesale food site and got all the names of all the novelty bars we do in New Zealand. With a few borrowed ideas from this site I came up with.

We want to TAKE 5 to TOASTIE you on your 40th Birthday. We searched the GALAXY in an AEROplane, through the MILKY WAY, watched a STARBURST and even got to MARS and we couldn't find a nicer friend. No TWIX. Please don't SNICKER or ROLLO your eyes. You may blush and go PINKY in the face. But when it comes to the CRUNCHIE you have got to be a FLAKE not to see your BOUNTY of wonderful traits. It's no PICNIC getting older but lets TWIRL around and FLING our arms up, even the KIT KAT has the ENERGY to show his love for you. You are a LIFESAVER to so many friends. Your the CHERRYRIPE on the cake. To MORO is another day but we want to wish you Happy Birthday to our FAVOURITE friend Janine (Aunty)
Love the Church and MARS clan xxxxx (Hershey kisses)

Nov 02, 2008
Thank you!
by: Susan


Thank you so much for your nice comments on my candy bar card and also for your words about PaperCraftCentral! I love your site and find many useful tips and recipes and ideas here on Chocolate Candy Mall. :)

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