Candy Bar Cake

Candy Bar Cake available at

Candy Bar Cake available at

How do you build or put together a candy bar cake?

It's not a cake that you bake. It is actually wrapped candy or wrapped candy bars that you assemble together to resemble a cake.

The photo above is from where you can purchase candy bar cakes already made up.

There are probably a few different ways to build a cake made of candy bars. I'll describe the easiest way here, but you can probably improvise some of the steps if you need to.

How To Make A Candy Bar Cake

Items Needed:
  • Cardboard round for base (The cake in the image above is not attached to a base, it is just setting on a cake platter. If that is how you want to present your cake, you don't need a cardboard base.)
  • Styrofoam rounds for center. You can stack a few of all the same size or get a variety of sizes to make a multi-layer cake.
  • hot glue gun
  • candy bars (regular size or miniatures or both)
  • other assorted candies if desired for added decoration on top or around the base.
  • ribbon if desired for decoration on top

  1. Attach the bottom layer (largest) of styrofoam to the center of the cardboard base with hot glue.
  2. Continue adding the layers of your cake frame by hot gluing them on top of each other until you get the desired shape and size you want.
  3. Starting at the bottom layer, begin gluing the candy bars around the outside of the foam circles.
  4. Continue adding candy and/or candy bars until your entire foam cake frame is completely covered.
  5. Make a curly bow or other decoration to add to the top for "cuteness."

You can usually pick up the foam rounds at your local craft shop. You may even be able to find them in the craft section of Walmart, etc.

If you're unable to locate any foam rounds, you can probably improvise by cutting and shaping some sturdy poster board or cardboard into a cake shape. You just want to be sure it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of all the candy once it is assembled. :)

I want to see your finished candy bar cake! Don't forget to add it here when you get it done.

Have fun!

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Nov 01, 2011
Alternative to Birthday Cake
by: Angie

Hey Lisa,

Glad you were able to use this idea to create your own cake made of candy bars for your daughter. Did you happen to take pictures? If so, use this form on the chocolate gift candy page to add it to the site so others can see your creative creation.


Oct 31, 2011
Great Idea !
by: Lisa

My daughter does not eat much cake so this was a great alternative. I made a square cake with Hershey, kitkat,three muskateers ,and nestle crunch. A big blue and white curled ribbon and a pink plastic S on top looked great. Also did a number 14 with the leftover candy.

Jan 16, 2011
How To Make Candy Bar Cake
by: Angie

Hi Bev,

Great tips for how to make a candy bar cake. Did you take any photos? I'd love to have you add them here if you did. If you have trouble figuring out how to do it, just send them to me via email angie(at)chocolate-candy-mall(dot)com and I'll add them for you.

Thanks again for sharing your great ideas!

Jan 16, 2011
Helpful Idea
by: Bev

I used 2 (small & med) round paper mache boxes with lids from Hobby Lobby. The bottom one was exactly the height of a large snicker candybar and/or 2 (stacked) Reece's peanut butter cups. I used smaller snicker bars to hotglue around the top box that came up to the edge of the lid so it could be opened and small bitsized candy can be put inside. I glued small butterscotch candies around the edge of the lid and on top with bitesize snickers leaving room in the center for curly ribbon. The boxes made it very simple. Using these boxes can add variety due to all the different shapes and sizes available.

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