Can you freeze chocolate covered pretzels?

by Henry

I want to know if I can freeze chocolate covered pretzels and also those pretzels you make with a Rollo and pecan melted on top?

Does anyone know?

Hi Henry,

You can freeze chocolate covered pretzels, but I don't recommend it and I don't think you will like the results.

This is especially true if the pretzel is not completely covered in chocolate. The moisture from the freezer may be absorbed into the pretzel and cause the pretzels to taste a bit stale.

You really don't need to freeze pretzels covered in chocolate. They have a pretty long shelf life. Just keep them in an airtight container, a cookie tin, a glass jar, etc.

Even pretzels with the Rollo and pecan melted on top should stay fresh for a couple of months if they are stored well.

If you really feel you need to freeze your chocolate pretzel candies, wrap them very well to minimize the amount of moisture that can get into the package/container. Also, when you thaw them, leave them well wrapped until they are completely back to room temperature.

My mom refrigerated chocolate covered pretzels in the past that I sent to her. I visited her a few months later and she still had some left (how she managed THAT I'll never know!). :-)

Anyway, they were still delicious, but just not as 'fresh' tasting as I think they would have been if she had left them out (but it was summer and she didn't want them to melt).

Hope that helps!
Angie from

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Nov 16, 2013
Storing Rolo Pretzel Cookies NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Sue,

As suggested above to Henry, it's best to store chocolate pretzel candy (whether they are Rolo pretzel cookies or other types) in an airtight container.

Personally, if I were making the Rolo pretzel cookies for a Christmas cookie sale, I would try to make them closer to the date of the sale.

Although 2 weeks should be fine for storing as long as you store properly, I think fresh is always best when you are selling.

If you can manage to cut down the time between making and selling, do, but if not, just be sure that your choice of storage containers doesn't have any residual smells that can be absorbed into the chocolate and pretzels.

Also, do try to keep them at a stable temperature so that you don't get any discoloration from temperature extremes.

Best of luck with the sale! Let us know how it goes for you. If you can take a photo of your Rolo pretzel cookies, send it to me via email (angie at and I'll add it to this page. ;)


Nov 15, 2013
How To Store Rolo Pretzel Candies NEW
by: Anonymous

What is the best way to store Rolo Pretzel Cookies for 2 weeks before taking to a Christmas Cookie Sale? Sue

Jun 30, 2011
by: paula

Thanks for the tips! I just made these and was wondering if they could make it 10 days without freezing! I think you answered my questions, I'll keep them out!


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