Can you dye white Candy melts?

by Crystal
(Southern California)

I would like to know if you can dye white candy melts.

I am going to make cabbage patch baby face pops for a baby shower I am hosting. I haven't been able to find skin colored melts. So I am wondering if they can be dyed? If so, with what?

How do you get the color for a light brown skin tone? I bought the white vanilla chocolate melt bags. How do you paint in details? With what (chocolate, icing, etc)? When do you add the detail?

Hi Crystal,

Yes, you can dye white candy melts. There are a couple of options.

First of all, you can get colors for tinting from Candyland Crafts.

Color matching isn't my very best skill, but I'm guessing maybe a drip of orange may give you a nice light peach skin tone.

If you are going more for a brown skin tone, you could just gradually add a very small amount of melted milk chocolate to the white until you get the right shade.

It's not hard to make molded chocolates with colored details. Get yourself a pack of new mini paint brushes (from the dollar store, etc.).

Melt your chocolate melts and create the shades you want. Paint in the details of the molds first then fill up the rest with the remaining white, milk, or dark chocolate.

It's a good idea to let each painted color set/dry before adding the next color so you don't get smears. :-) It doesn't take long to set. You can even pop it into the fridge or freezer for a minute or two.

Some people like to use squeeze bottles instead of paint brushes. Especially for filling up the big bits. You have more control. You can also get those at Candyland Crafts if you'd like to give that a try.

I hope your Cabbage Patch party favors turn out great. Will you take a photo and show it off here for us? We'd love it!

All the best,

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