Can I freeze chocolate truffles?

Can I freeze chocolate truffles that I got for Christmas along with a lot more chocolate?

I was wondering if I can freeze chocolate candies?

As a general rule, you CAN freeze chocolate candy, including truffles. Some of the candy will 'keep' better than others.

The main problem you may face is discoloration of the chocolate candy when you remove it from the freezer. This is called "bloom." It doesn't change the taste of the chocolate, but it doesn't look as nice as it did originally.

There are some tips on storing candy that will help you reduce the chances of fat or sugar bloom.

Regular or plain chocolate can be kept at room temperature for extremely long periods of time. Just keep it in an airtight container and away from extreme temperatures. There really is no need to freeze it.

Lucky you, to get lots of chocolate for Christmas! :-)


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Jul 15, 2016
Freezing Pretzel Covered Truffles... NEW
by: Angie from

Those pretzel covered truffles should freeze okay, but I think I would put a few in the freezer for 48 hours and then take them out and defrost them and then taste them just to be sure before freezing all of them.

My greatest concern would be the crushed pretzels not retaining their crunch. They may absorb too much moisture so that's why I'd do a small batch test run.


Jul 15, 2016
Freeze truffles NEW
by: Judy

Can I freeze chocolate peanut butter truffles made with eagle brand condensed milk and rolled in crushed pretzels

Dec 19, 2015
taking a trip NEW
by: Tess

I'm sending all kinds of chocolate truffles out of state which will take three days, I was wondering if they would survie a trip for that many days without any damage.

Dec 16, 2014
truffles NEW

Hi! How long is truffles with cream cheese in side of the truffles good for in the refrigerate?
Thank you, tammy

Jan 20, 2011
La maison du chocolat
by: Anonymous

Hello, I reeeeeallly want to order some chocolates from la maison du chocolat as I was told they were the best in the world even better than Godiva so NATURALLY I want to order some of their chocolates. HOWEVER, I was told today that they do not advise "freezing" their chocolates due to the fact that they are made with "fresh cream" and freezing the chocolates will change the texture of them. Has anyone ever heard anything so far out? I am wondering how it will change the texture? I have frozen Godiva chocolates before and they came out perfectly once thawed. Could someone pleae shed some light on this because I would love to order a box.

Dec 07, 2010
Freezing Coc, Truffles
by: Mary of these days, I'll try it! I didn't know you could use cream chese instead of dairy cream....are we talking Creme Frais or similar. You certainly live and learn.

Dec 07, 2010
Freezing Truffles
by: Angie

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the update. So glad to hear about your good results.

For the person before you who asked about freezing the centers and then coating them afterward, I think that would work very well.

Just be sure that the truffles are completely defrosted before dipping or the temperature will probably affect the appearance of the final result.

Dec 06, 2010
He who hesitates............
by: Mary

I said I'd get back and report on my frozen truffles, so......they were made and completed with coverings of chopped pistachio nuts/cocoa powder and chocolate vermicilli, in their candy cases. Packed in plastic boxes and frozen for approx 2 weeks. They were taken from Freezer on 30th November, to be taken to friends on 1st December, but I could not make the journey because of weather conditions. I mailed them to my friends who received them 2 days later. I "tested" 3 truffles, which looked perfect and tasted as good. The centres were fudge consistency straight from freezer. My friends were very generous with compliments and thought I was very clever!!!. I would not hesitate to freeze truffles again, but would be wary of covering them with hard chocolate.

Dec 06, 2010
would this work?
by: Anonymous

could you freeze the truffle (some made with cream and another batch made with cream cheese) first and then coat with chocolate when they come out of the freezer?

Oct 30, 2010
Freezing Truffles
by: Angie

Thanks, Mary. I look forward to hearing how it all goes!

Oct 30, 2010
Freezing Dairy Cream Choc T|ruffles
by: Mary

Thanks a million for your comments Angie. I will take your advice and wrap well before freezinbg and very slowly defrost.

I'll get back to this page to let you know the results.

Oct 28, 2010
Freezing Chocolate Truffles
by: Angie

Well, Mary, your best option would be to freeze them if you need to make them in advance. You'll be running the risk of chocolate "bloom" but that should be the worst case scenario.

The truffles should still taste delicious after they are frozen, it's just the appearance that may suffer. Of course, they may be fine too. :)

I would just make every effort to wrap them securely before freezing and even wrapping the outer container with a towel before putting it in the freezer (if you have room).

When you remove them from the freezer, allow them to defrost while they are still wrapped so that they will get less condensation on them, etc.

I hope your Christmas truffles turn out wonderfully.

Oct 28, 2010
Dairy Cream in chocolate truffles
by: Mary

My chocolate truffles will have dairy cream in them, so will not keep for long and I would like to make them in advance for Xmas presents.

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