Can I Fix Chocolate Pretzels After They Turned White?

by Helen
(Philadelphia, PA)

Can I fix chocolate pretzels after they turned white?

I made 200 chocolate pretzel rods for my son's birthday party.....after a few hours half of them turned white.

Can this be fixed? I did heat one pretzel up and it worked but will they be good to eat? They taste fine but I don't want to give people food poisoning.

Hi Helen,

The white color on the pretzels won't cause anyone food poisoning. It's just a discoloration from the separation of sugar and/or fat most likely due to temperature issues when melting and setting the chocolate.

The only affect this "bloom" has is on the appearance. The taste and quality is pretty much the same.

There really isn't a good "fix" for the chocolate. One CCM visitor discovered if they wipe the chocolate with a damp cloth, they were able to remove the white color. That may work in your case, but I can't guarantee it. I suppose it's worth a try.

When you said you heated up one of the pretzels and it worked, I'd be interested in knowing exactly how you did it. Remelting the chocolate does fix the problem, but if the pretzels have already been dipped in the chocolate and set, that makes it much more challenging.

Looking forward to hearing how your chocolate covered pretzels turn out in the end.


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Jul 09, 2018
Another cause for chocolate turning whife NEW
by: Bob

A few chocolateirs have told me that high humidity can cause chocolate to turn white also.

Mar 21, 2011
Fixing Chocolate Pretzels After They Turn White
by: Angie

Excellent idea for fixing chocolate pretzels that have white bloom! The thought never crossed my mind, but it's so simple and brilliant.

I hope Helen (and others who end up with this problem) can appreciate and use your thoughtful solution. Sounds like a great plan that should do the trick nicely.

Mar 21, 2011
Can I Fix Chocolate Pretzels After They Turned White?
by: Anonymous

I might have a solution for you. If the pretzel rods are plain, meaning you didn't put sprinkles, nuts, etc on them then try this.

If you don't mind having sprinkles,jimmies, etc on them then melt some chocolate, take a brush and dip it into the melted chocolate. Really get a lot on there. Brush up and down the rod and then sprinkle jimmies, nuts, mini m&m's or whatever you like on the pretzel immediately before the chocolate hardens.

If you don't like that idea you can always melt a contrasting color and make drizzle lines or zig zags up and down the pretzel. This won't cover all of the white but some. It gives a decorative look to the pretzel rod. You can combine the two idea. You can use sprinkles and also drizzle on top of the sprinkles.

Hope this is of some help to you.

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