Can Chocolate Mint Candy Go Bad?

by Patti

We found several boxes of hard chocolate candy from Frango Mint Chocolates that were dated 3/12/08.

We opened the boxes and found all to look alike. They had a very light white coating on the top of the chocolate.

From reading in your forum, I already understand what causes this. But I am wondering if it can go bad.


Hi Patti,

Chocolate itself rarely "goes bad" in my experience, even if it does get the white bloom that you have discovered on your out of date Frango mint chocolate candy.

The question is what other ingredients are in the particular chocolate in question that might cause the candy to go off or rancid.

If it were a truffle with cream cheese added or additional cream, etc., there may be a problem, but if it's simply mint, I doubt that the chocolate mint candy would go bad.

I've not had the pleasure of trying a Frango mint chocolate, although after reading a bit more about it, I would love to give them a try. I think they are available at Macy's these days.

Anyway, I guess if I were in your position I would take a "taste and see" approach to your chocolate discovery. :)

Give them a try and see if they taste bad. If not, enjoy!

I have eaten plenty of chocolate that was well past it's sell by date and it's never made me unwell (just FAT). ;~)

I don't want you to get sick, though, so ultimately you'll have to use your own judgement on it.

If you decide to take your life in your hands and taste test these expired Frango mint chocolates, do let us know what you think. Edible or not?


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Dec 25, 2016

I decided to treat myself to a box of Frango mints! All the candy has white tops and no and a code date that I can't make sense of! I've got to take it back. The mints are too hard for me to enjoy. Oh, well!

Sep 30, 2011
Chocolate Mint Candy Past Expiration Date
by: Angie

Hooray!!! Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy!!!

Sep 30, 2011
Tasting the Chocolate.....
by: Patti

Edible! It's delicious!

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