Can Caramels Be Melted In A Chocolate Pot?

by Diane

Can caramels be melted in a chocolate pot instead of a double boiler?

I have a Wilton chocolate melting pot and wondered if I could use that to melt my caramel and keep it warm.


Hi Diane,

I've not tried melting caramel in a chocolate melting pot, but my guess is that you may have some difficulty.

I don't think it will hurt the pot or anything, but my concern is that the melting pot won't be hot enough for the caramel.

I know that chocolate melts at a fairly low temperature but it may take a lot longer to get the caramel to melt (as well as a slightly higher temperature).

That's where I think the problem may come in. Your melting pot just might not get hot enough to the job sufficiently.

Is there a temperature regulator on the Wilton chocolate pot? If so, you may want to just go ahead and give it a try using the higher end of the temperature range.

The specific caramel that you use for melting may also play a role in determining whether or not you will have success using your particular chocolate melting pot.

If all else fails, melt the caramel using the double boiler method. (For anyone not familiar with that method), just place a larger pot (or bowl) snugly over the top of a smaller pot that has water simmering in the bottom.

Place the caramel in the top pot/bowl and allow the caramel to melt, stirring as needed.

If you decide to experiment with melting caramel in your Wilton chocolate melting pot, please let us know how it turns out. If it works, you'll probably have a lot of happy candy makers thankful to learn of your short-cut!


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Oct 26, 2014
another way to melt caramel NEW

I used my electric fondue pot and put water in it - then used a small pot (like the one from the wilton chocolate melter) as a double boiler - that worked well.

Sep 20, 2014
by: Rachel

I tried it but it doesn't work. however the caramel melts very well in the Wilson chocolate pro pan when placed in a similarly sized saucepan with water in the double boiler method. which is an agreeable alternative as the Wilton chocolate pro removable pan is the ideal size to dunk apples in for caramel covered apples.

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