Can Cake Balls Be Frozen?

by Melissa S.

Can cake balls be frozen?

I make cake balls as part of my Christmas cookie trays but I want to make them ahead of time.

Since the inside of the cake ball is so moist, I was wondering if it needed to be frozen and if it was safe to do so.

Just FYI, I make my cake balls by baking a cake and crumbling it while still warm. Then I add the icing to the crumbles and make a moist dough, which I roll into balls. Then, I dip them in almond bark.

Can these cake balls be frozen?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Melissa,

Sounds really yummy! I know there are a couple of regular visitors to CCM who make cake balls, so I'm hoping that they will see your question and chime in with their experience.

I would think that the cake balls can be frozen, but if you dip them in the chocolate before freezing you run the risk of losing their lovely finish. They may develop "chocolate bloom" or they may crack their coatings.

Let's see if anyone else who has done it can give some advice.


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Dec 12, 2011

I have frozen my cake balls in a air tight container up to a week and they are just fine.My husband takes them to work to share with coworkers and they are begging for more.

Dec 12, 2010
Cake balls
by: Jade

hey Melissa,

There is a lot of different recipes online to follow on cake balls. If you do your cake balls ahead, you can freeze them if you like but make sure you take them out for 2-3 minutes before you dip them.

If you dip them in chocolate, some people dip them frozen to control the crumbs better but you might find out that as the cake "defrost" (under the chocolate coating) it expands causing your chocolate to crack. With candy melts, you may not get so much cracking but I got some. Some also say that the "frozen" cake balls helps the chocolate coating set quicker. That may help if you're on crunch time.

My suggestion, each time I make sure my cake balls aren't frozen or too warm before I dip. Each kitchen is different and humidity place a important role. The cake balls should be cool or a little cold but never frozen. I dip mine in chocolate, not candy melts and it turns out fine with no cracks. I also don't like to freeze mine for too long, over night is about all. Try it and see how you like it, hope this helps.

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