Caleb's Dinosaur Cake

by Heather
(Ohio, USA)

Dinosaur Birthday Cake for Caleb

Dinosaur Birthday Cake for Caleb

I made this Dinosaur cake for my son Caleb's birthday this year. It was a big hit with all the kids.

I just baked a regular cake in a 9x13 pan. In hindsight, I would have liked to use a bigger pan if I had one (things got a little tight while decorating).

I reserved about a cup of the batter mix and put it in my Pyrex measuring cup and baked it at the same time to use as the volcano.

When it came time for decorating, once again, my handy toothpick helped me mark out where I wanted things.

I used a basic white icing and added food coloring drops for the different colors, green for grass and blue for a stream. I just followed the path I'd outlined with the toothpick.

After icing the whole cake I then added the chocolate volcano. I really added a large mound of chocolate icing all around it and on top to make it more pointy. Then I used a bit of red icing for the lava running down the sides.

I bought the little dinosaurs and trees from the Dollar General store. I wouldn't have bought any if I had some handy but all of our dinosaurs were too big and were larger than the volcano!

They now make chocolate marshmallows which we cut up and placed as piles of stones in a few different places. I think that's it.

Caleb loved his dinosaur cake. I'm sure your kids would love one too. It's really very easy, so give it a try!

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