Buy Homemade Southern Fudge

by LP
(Sevierville, TN USA)

You can buy Homemade Southern Fudge just like Granny made.

This IS homemade fudge, much better than any too sweet store-bought fudge. Southern Angel's fudge has perfect texture and real flavours. The peanut butter fudge was SO incredible, it's hard to find really good tasting peanut butter fudge.

Her ad was so funny and friendly, it felt like I'd be buying it from a friend, not a store-bought product.

Sounds like some really yummy homemade Southern fudge and worth trying.

Have you only tried the peanut butter fudge? I wonder how the chocolate fudge tastes? When I make homemade fudge, I tend to make plain chocolate fudge and then chocolate peanut butter fudge. Really, I just love it all! :-)

Thanks for telling us about this homemade fudge option at Southern Angel.

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