Buy Bulk Melting Wafers Online In Canada

by Samantha

Please help. I am run ragged trying to find where to buy bulk melting wafers online IN CANADA.

Google is over run by US company pages... and/or US companies that DO ship to Canada, but the added taxes, shipping and the fact that it takes up to 3 WEEKS to deliver is crazy. If I see one more ad for I think I'll go mad.

All I want is to pay less that ~$1/100g... there are 2.2lbs in 1000g.... correct my math (I am bad at it) but that is what? 0.22 lbs per 100g.

a 5lb bag of Merckens white wafers is priced at roughly $5-$6USD. So I have to convert dollars based on the rate the day the order goes through... add in any extra customs duties and pay extra on shipping.

Anyone buy bulk here in the great white north? Looking mostly for white melting wafers.


Hi Samantha,

I can see your dilemma. I've just spent 30 minutes trying to locate a place to buy bulk melting wafers online in Canada without any success. In fact, I couldn't even find a place to buy them in small amounts!

I even checked eBay Canada since you can often find things on eBay even when you can't locate it otherwise. No such luck. All the suppliers listed there for the white chocolate wafers were US sellers.

Just out of curiosity, did you check with Candyland Crafts to see how much they charge to ship to Canada and how long it would take? They may be able to beat some of the other sellers you've investigated on shipping costs, but they charge $19.75 for a 5 lb. bag of wafers (That works out to be .8 cents per 100 grams before shipping).

If you can get 5 lbs. for $6.00 somewhere as you mentioned, that's only about .27 cents US per 100 grams. How much are they asking for shipping? It seems like that would be your best option if you are trying to keep your costs under $1 per 100 grams.

Well, hopefully someone from Canada will be able to come riding to the rescue and provide you with a local supplier. Surely there IS one in Canada?

Best of luck!

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Feb 13, 2019
Chocolate Wafers NEW
by: Doreen Cramm

I buy my chocolate wafers at the Great Canadian Superstore or Save On grocery store. You can buy white or milk chocolate. Superstore has dark too! Save On at least here in Grande Prairie will order a case for you at almost half the price per 100g.

Jul 31, 2018
Merckens Candy Melts in Bulk in Canada NEW
by: MsGF

Check out:


Mar 01, 2018
Chocloate wafers NEW
by: Gail King

I buy my wafers at Micheals $4.00 for 368 gr. They have all colours. I can’t find bulk wafers anywhere in Canada ! We do have a Wilton Distibutors here but their wafers are double the price of Micheals.. Any help on finding bulk wafers in Canada would be appreciated.

Dec 17, 2016
merckens wafers NEW

I live in Saskatchewan and get mine at bulk barn too. If buying a different brand of wafer than Merckens, you might want to buy just a few and do a taste test. They may look the same, but some of them are pretty awful tasting. I have found merckens preferable to all the other wafers. I know the Co-op food store sells wafers as well but I think they might be Foleys. Are the wafers at Superstore really Merckens? I don't know for sure, but think they might be another brand.

Oct 21, 2016
Bulk chocolate wafers NEW
by: Wanda

I live in Alberta and buy my wafers at Bulk Barn. However if anyone knows where I can get sugar free ones that would be awesome, as Bulk Barn stores near me have stopped carrying them.

Nov 18, 2015
Superstores NEW

I often purchase mine at Superstore in their bulk candy section. Often cheaper than the Bulk Barn.

Aug 17, 2015
In Montreal NEW
by: Vilma

You can find Merken' chocolate at Bulk Barn for cheap plus they have sale coupons every few weeks or Michael's stores has other candy melts and they have sale coupons every week ! Do not order from the U.S. Because customs and duty will get you above and beyond your shipping fee

Jul 11, 2013
Cheap Bulk Melting Wafers NEW
by: Anonymous

Real Canadian SuperStore, is by far the cheapest place to buy them.
They come in White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate. $0.53/100g and if you want a different color chocolate you can just use chocolate food coloring

Apr 04, 2013
yes, you can buy bulk chocolate in Canada NEW
by: Anonymous

There are 2 companies - Bakemark and Chocolat-Chocolate, both based out of Quebec, one in Montreal. Their prices for wafers come out to $2.17 / lb.

Feb 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

try bulk barn

Nov 30, 2012
McCalls NEW
by: Anonymous sell in bulk up to 50 lbs, + shipping is free for mr in Qc

Aug 01, 2011
The Canadian dilema
by: Anonymous

love to know the answer to this as well.

I would also like to know where you have found 5lb for $6!!!

I have never seen under $2 a lb (unless I coupon)


May 09, 2010
where to buy melting wafers
by: Anonymous

The bulk barn has colored wafers for about $12.99 a kilo, and chocolate compound wafers for $6.18 a kilo.
Michaels craft store has 397g bags for 4.99, but if you use one of thier 40% off coupons it's only $2.99 a bag.

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