Budget Chocolate Dipped Apples

by Erin
(Orem UT)

How to do budget chocolate dipped apples?

Okay, so I am getting married in a little over two weeks and for favors we wanted to do candied apples.

After researching a bit I found out it would cost over $900 for about 300 apples. Now I know I was over estimating on how many we needed to make, but I just wanted to get an idea.

Now that I have found you, oh wise one, I am wondering if I could cut the chocolate with something like oil/shortening?

And if I do add oil to the chocolate how much do I add and will it make the chocolate not harden correctly?

If you could get back to me soon that would relieve a lot of stress for me. We were looking at doing chocolate covered mallows instead and doing a cute hot cocoa bar instead.

Thank you!!!

Hi Erin,

First of all, let me say a big CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding. How exciting!

Now down to business. No, you can't add oil to stretch the chocolate further and save some money. If you add too much oil, the chocolate will not set like you will need it to for chocolate dipped apples.

Usually, when a candy maker adds a bit of shortening to the chocolate, it's only like a tablespoon per pound and the purpose is to help in melting smoothly and setting.

The only suggestion I could make regarding how to make budget chocolate dipped apples would be to find a better price on the chocolate and the apples.

Have you determined how many
pounds of chocolate you would need? What's the best price per pound that you have found?

You can buy chocolate wafers in bulk at Candyland Crafts and bring the price down some. Or you may even be able to find a local shop who will give you a good deal on bulk chocolate.

On the other hand, you would save an awful lot of money by swapping over to the chocolate dipped marshmallows that you are considering - particularly because the marshmallows are going to be so much cheaper to purchase! :)

What would really be cute is to get some lollipop sticks (1000 for as little as 12.00) to use to dip the marshmallows and make them "pops" for the favors.

You can also get some cellophane bags (300 for $17.99) to wrap them in for the special day.

A little ribbon and a homemade printed tag with a hole punched in the corner and strung through the ribbon is a simple way to personalize the wedding favor with your names, date, etc.

If you decide to go with the hot cocoa bar (cute idea!) you could also choose the option of making chocolate candy spoons. This is another inexpensive, but cute and yummy, wedding favor idea.

Let us know what you decide, and be sure to send us some photos when you get your party favors made. You can easily tell us about them and upload the photos on our chocolate party favor page.

Have a wonderful wedding and don't stress too much over these preparations. Enjoy every moment!


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