Bride and Groom Chocolate Spoons

by Stephanie Seaboyer

Bride and Groom Chocolate Spoons

Bride and Groom Chocolate Spoons

When making bride and groom chocolate spoons, how do you get the white v shape on the groom chocolate spoon?

Do you dip the spoon in the white chocolate first and then into the milk choc after the white choc sets and then pipe the buttons on the white part with milk chocolate?

Curious. I want to learn how to make these for a wedding in my family. Thanks.

Hi Stephanie,

You described the process perfectly. Just as you suspected, you melt and dip the white chocolate first, allowing it to set completely before dipping the milk or dark chocolate.

The tricky bit is dipping the second layer just right to get the V-shape for the Tuxedo look. You may make a couple of rumpled looking Tuxedos before you get the hang of it, but they really are a very cute and inexpensive wedding shower favor.

I hope you'll come back and show yours off when you get started. We'd love to see your finished bride and groom chocolate spoons. You can add them to the chocolate party favor page using the form at the bottom. Don't forget! :-)

Hope the wedding is wonderful.

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