Brick of Chocolate

by Kris
(Neenah, WI)

I have a recipe that calls for a brick of white chocolate. What is a brick of chocolate?

Hi Kris,

I'm not sure, but I think some places refer to a candy bar as a brick of chocolate. Could it simply mean a bar of white chocolate?

Does that make sense and fit with the recipe you are trying to make?


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Jun 25, 2012
Maybe a Square of Chocolate? NEW
by: Kelly

I've never really seen a recipe that calls for a "brick of chocolate" so it definitely sounds intriguing. :)

On the other hand, I've often come across recipes that call for squares of chocolate. They are usually referring to baking chocolate that you can buy in the supermarket.

Most supermarkets carry white, milk, and dark baking chocolate. It's like a large chocolate bar and has square segments that you can break off.

Could this be what your recipe is asking for? If we saw the whole recipe (maybe you can add it below) we could probably tell you for sure what it is you need.

Really any form of white chocolate will probably work in the recipe. The big question is how much is a brick? The amount you use could change the outcome of a recipe if you are mixing it with other ingredients.

I'd definitely be interested in hearing more about this unusual recipe. :)

Jun 24, 2012
it just plain NEW
by: Anonymous

its just plain white chocolate, we use it all the time and it just baiscly means whiten chcoclate. We can never find white chocolate brick (means bulk/bar) so we just use the white chocolate morsals.

Dec 16, 2010
Brick of Chocolate
by: Susan

I believe its one square of white chocolate bark they come in small brick shapes in a pack.

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