Box Chocolate Valentine
A Traditional Valentine's Day Gift

A Box Chocolate Valentine is such an old favorite but still a much loved gift.

Send your sweetheart or loved one a Valentine's Day gift they will really appreciate by treating them to a heart shaped box of Valentine's Day chocolates.

Valentine's Day boxed chocolates come in a variety of choices. Everyone is familiar with the lovely heart shaped boxes of chocolate, of course.

I always enjoyed giving and receiving those heart boxes. I would even save the box as a keepsake to keep treasured love notes and other special mementos. Ah, young love! :-)

If you are looking for heart shaped Valentine chocolate boxes, you will find some gorgeous ones online if you are having trouble locating one locally.   

My mom used to love the Whitman's chocolates, but you can also get heart shaped boxes of chocolate for Valentine's Day at places like Fanny May Candies

Their presentation is beautiful, but the best thing is that you know the actual chocolate candy is going to be wonderfully delicious, too.

If you are wanting a box of valentine chocolate, but not heart shaped, you can get that, too. I'm sure you don't want to give everyone on your list a heart. :-)

If that's the case, you have many choices in various price ranges. Here's a selection from some of my favorite quality chocolate sellers.

The absolute very best I've ever seen is from zChocolat. Check them out yourself and see if you agree with me. 

They really are top-of-the-line when it comes to gourmet chocolate, and their absolutely gorgeous artisan made wooden boxes are keepsakes you're loved one will cherish for years to come.  (I know I certainly cherish mine!)

Here are some to tempt you...

No matter which of these choices you make for a Valentine box of chocolates, you won't be sorry. Neither will the person who is so blessed as to be the receiver. :-)

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