Birthday Candy Bar Card

by Chocolate Candy Mall Visitor

Here's a Birthday Candy Bar Card for Ashley:

Hey SUGAR BABYS, those CHUCKLES and SNICKERS are because the BUTTERFINGER, Ashley, finally caught up to us NERDS and turned the big 1-6.

A lot of DUM DUMS thought this PAYDAY will never come. Mr. SLIM JIM wants to take Ashley to the SYMPHONY on 5th AVENUE and spend 100 GRAND on gifts for her either NOW OR LATER but his BABE RUTH got DOTS all over her JELLY BELLY so he had to cancel.

The JOLLY RANCHER was going to celebrate with Ashley by sitting on their BUN and gaze up at the MILKY WAY, see bright STARBURSTS, taking CRAZY DIPS and watch the ECLIPSE.

Ashley soon realized that this LEMON HEAD only wanted to gaze at her WHOPPERS and SKOR a BIT O HONEY. Ashley called her LIFESAVERS, CLARK, MIKE AND IKE who gave that rancher a JAW BUSTER.

They went to the zoo for a birthday bash. They watched the PENGUINS slide on the ICE BREAKERS, the TURTLES CRUNCH on oh...WHATCHAMACALLIT. And the highlight was when a DOVE landed on top of a KIT KAT.

Ashley, however you choose to spend your birthday, we all wish you CAREFREE days forever.

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Apr 19, 2010
by: Anonymous

too long

Feb 18, 2010
by: Anonymous

this was sooooooo it. 5 stars!!

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