Best Valentines Gifts

by Stacy
(San Diego, CA)

The best Valentines gifts I ever received was about 10 years ago when my husband and I were still dating.

He told me he had a surprise planned out for me. He put blind folds to cover my eyes and said no peeking.

He then drove to Del Mar, CA where he took off the blind folds and right in front of me were hot air balloons. I was so excited!

We went on a hot-air balloon ride and enjoyed the sunset and the beautiful view of San Diego. After a bit of a rough landing, we had a picnic with sandwiches, fruits and wine.

It was the best Valentines Day I ever had!!


I can imagine why that would be one of the best valentines gifts you've ever received.

I haven't been on the Del Mar hot air balloon ride, but my husband has taken me on 2 hot air balloon rides here in Australia. It really is amazing isn't it? We really enjoyed the experience, too.

Our flights were in the early morning followed by a lovely breakfast. I think a sunset flight be pretty spectacular, too. It's one of those Valentine's Day romantic things you can do for and with someone you love.

Thanks for adding your great valentine gifts experience.


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