Best Chocolate For Dipped Apples

by Anabella

What is the best chocolate to use for dipped apples, so the choc doesn't break when one slices the apple?


The best chocolate for dipped apples is really a matter of taste, I suppose.

You can use something as simple as chocolate chips or chocolate melts, or you can go gourmet and get the highest quality chocolate you can afford.

You'll probably have a bit of trouble with the chocolate breaking or cracking particularly if you've chilled the chocolate apples to help them set.

I'm not sure if there's an easy solution to keeping the chocolate from breaking when you slice the apple. Are you using chocolate alone or are you covering the apple in caramel first? I think you'll have better luck with the chocolate sticking to the caramel than to the apple alone.

Anybody else have any advice on this one? Please chime in! As much as I love my chocolate, I'm not a complete chocolate guru. :-)

What are your tips for the best chocolate for dipped apples?


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Nov 30, 2010
thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank You fro the tips would like to make apples for my family not alot of money for gifts and thought it would be something special from me thanks again

Jun 24, 2009
Tips for Dipping Chocolate Covered Apples
by: Angie

Fantastic tips for dipping chocolate covered apples, Maggie. Thanks so much for chiming in.

Using the chilled cookie sheet is an excellent idea and one I hadn't considered. I'll remember that for other chocolate candy making adventures, too. ;)

Jun 24, 2009
Chocolate covered apples
by: Maggie

I have used Merckens chocolate for covering apples with great sucess. I have sliced into the apples and don't recall any breaks! Perhaps its the "gourmet" chocolate that is a bit thicker! I can also share a tip with you for covering the apple. (I learned the hard way) If you cover the apple in caramel first then a layer of chocolate, do not cover the apple completely up to the stick leave a small gap between stick and chocolate. If you fill directly up to the stick, you'll get tiny bubbles all around the stick area :)

I always use a chilled cookie sheet with a layer of waxed paper to put the dipped apples on. The chilled cookie sheet prevents the chocolate from spreading so much :)

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