Beautiful Candy Bars

by Leanna Mandeville
(Howell, MI)

Making beautiful candy bars is easy! With a simple rectangle chocolate bar mold you can mold your own candy bars and then wrap them to look great.

Start by cutting a good sized piece of Aluminum foil and them wrapping it around the bar like you would a present, folding the ends down to the bottom of the bar.

I would use just a drop of hot glue to hold the foil to the foil, never to the chocolate.

Then, you can take a piece of scrap paper (any beautiful design you want) just long enough to wrap around the middle of the bar letting a little aluminum foil poke out at the very ends.

am able to get eight strips of scrap paper to cover my bars from one big sheet.

Lastly, use a small line of hot glue to hold the paper together and you are done.

I stack four on top of each other and tie it with ribbon to make small gifts, but they also looked fantastic in all of the homemade chocolate gift baskets I made last holiday season.

Hi Leanna,

Thank you so much for the step-by-step instructions on how to make your own homemade beautiful candy bars.

We'd love to see some photos of your own candy bar creations, if you have any.

Molds are available at Candyland Crafts and you can even personalize your candy bar wrappers for special occasions if you like.

For the customized option check out the The Dapper Wrapper and/or Custom Candy Wrappers.

Leanna, it sounds like you are clever enough to design your own custom or personalized candy bar wrappers, but for the rest of us, having some templates to work from is a big help. :)

I can just picture the stacks of beautiful candy bars that you made with pretty paper and a matching ribbon holding them together.

Thanks again for sharing your idea!

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