Bar Candy Chocolate Favor

by Susan

Nathan's Birthday Chocolate Candy Favor

Nathan's Birthday Chocolate Candy Favor

Here's a bar candy chocolate favor idea that you can use for any occasion.

I made this one for our son when it was his birthday last week. It's called a "chocolate slider favor" if you want to be technical about it.

bar candy chocolate favorI slipped a chocolate bar inside alright and I also added a little yellow pouch with some cash in it. He really liked it! I think he was touched that I made it just for him.

By the way, the written instructions for how to make this are on PaperCraftCentral if anyone wants to give it a try.

It really isn't hard once you know how to do it!

Susan, I love it! The simple things in life can be so special, can't they?!

I'm sure Nathan loved it, too (especially the money - grin). What a great idea!

Thanks for sharing it with us. You really do make some very adorable projects that I know others appreciate. I'm always tickled to death when you add them here for us to enjoy, too.

So, if anyone wants to make a bar candy chocolate favor, head on over to Paper Craft Central and get the details.

If you DO make one yourself, don't be stingy! Add it here at our chocolate party favor page for the rest of us to ooh and ahh over. :-)


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