Baby Shower Candy Card

by Connie
(Toronto, Canada)

Ideas For Making A Baby Shower Candy Bar Card

Ideas For Making A Baby Shower Candy Bar Card

I wanted to make this candy poster for my cousin's baby shower this past summer.

However, she lives far and my ride was cancelled so I couldn't carry it on the bus along with a huge gift. :(

I thought maybe someone else would like to use my ideas or at least maybe some of them to make their own baby shower candy card.

Here goes:

    Soon-to-be mama & papa:

    On your shower day, we want to tell you that at times the wee little RUNT is going to drive you BONKERS! Just remember that Nonna and Nonno will be your LIFESAVERS and give you a FAST BREAK (black out FAST) when you begin to see DOTS from sleep exhaustion.

    As you were a bit CHUNKY for nine months, you have every RIESEN for being grumpy, especially now that you have to fall asleep to a screaming SYMPHONY.

    You should also know that once the BABY RUTH (black out RUTH) comes, your bank account will go from $1,000,000 to ZERO.

    After JUNIOR MINITS (black out MINTS) is born, you will be known as the 3 MUSKATEERS.

    We WISH you WHOPPERS of ALMOND JOY (black out ALMOND) on the arrival of your wee one.

    From your NERDS (black out S and add y) cousin Connie

Hope someone can get some benefit from this abandoned card idea.

Hi Connie,

Another great candy poster idea! Thanks so much for sharing it. You're fast becoming our resident candy gram expert. ;)

What a shame that your cousin didn't get to enjoy your creativity first hand. This is a very clever baby shower candy card idea and I know that other people are going to enjoy it as much as I do and make use of these clever phrases in their own future candy grams.

Looking forward to your next one!
Angie from Chocolate Candy Mall

P.S. Does anyone else have some ideas for making candy posters for a baby shower? Maybe you've got other phrases or candy bars to include.

Please add them below using the comment link. If you've got a photo, I'll add that too!

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