At what temperature is chocolate tempered?

by Madalena
(Pueblo, CO, USA)


I've done research on tempering chocolate and I've seen a few different and varying temps. One says exactly 115 degrees F another says 88 degrees F. What is correct?

Does the chocolate need to stay at tempered temperature the entire time I'm filling molds?

Last night I did test pieces and a few issues were that the chocolate melted quickly (after removing from freezer and de-molding), wasn't very glossy and was a bit thicker than I would've liked. Any suggestions to fixing these problems?

I may not have tempered to the correct temp as I was more concerned about making sure the jelly filling would stay did!! :) I'll post pics (if possible) after I get more practice! :)

Thanks again,

Hi Madalena,

I'm glad to hear you had some success and that you are giving it a try! :)

You mentioned the different temperatures of tempering. Believe it or not, they are both correct. Tempering is a process of raising and lowering the temperature of the chocolate to different degrees.

Here's a page with step-by-step instructions for the process of tempering chocolate if you want to learn to do it correctly. It should answer all of your questions

We definitely want to see the pictures when you get them done!

Have fun!

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