Any tips for easy "dipping" techniques for truffles?

by Jenny

I just started working with chocolate, specifically truffles. I wondered if anyone had tips to help me out with the chocolate coating part? Is there a way to make the chocolate thinner without messing up the taste or texture, etc.?

I'm sure I've probably overlooked tips about this on your site. If so, I apologize ahead of time!

Thanks so much for the help!!!

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Dec 12, 2009
rolling. . l
by: Anonymous

I've worked with my hands to create a thinner coating. Place a latex type glove on one hand. Use a spatula to spread a thin coating of tempered chocolate in the palm of the hand. Use your other hand to quickly roll the ganache over your palm. It takes a little practice, but once you figure this out it is quite effective.

Feb 29, 2008
Dipping Tips!
by: Angie

Hi Jenny,

No apologies needed. There are little tips weaved all through the site, but who could be expected to find them all? That's why I created this page where folks could ask questions. :-)

Dipping can be a bit messy and challenging I know. I've tried so many different "techniques" over the years from toothpicks to proper dipping tools.

There are specially designed dipping forks that have a couple of really long prongs or even a circular wire on the end for ease in dipping. I have to admit I tend to just grab a fork in most cases and shake off the excess by taping the fork on the side of the bowl.

If you want to try a dipping fork, they have them for good prices at Candyland Crafts.

As far as making the chocolate thinner is concerned, try adding a teaspoon or so of shortening, like Crisco. This usually works great!

Now, you make sure you come back and show off your finished truffles before you eat them all!

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