Anniversary Candy Card

by Stacey
(Savannah, TN)

I created this card for my in-law's anniversary. I used the candy we had on hand that we had accumulated from the past Halloween and Valentine's Day.

I used a regular size poster board that had a pre-printed decorative border. We'll present this to them over the weekend - hope they love it!

Once upon a time, there was a real (Jolly Rancher) named _______ looking for a cute (Tootsie Roll) to call his own. All the (Chiclets) seemed to be (Airheads) or (Smarties). Likewise, ________ was looking for her (Lifesaver), but all she found were (Nerds) and (Horror Freaks). One day, (Cupid's) arrow struck the two (Sweethearts). _______ proclaimed "Hershey's! Hershey's!" and ___________ was all (Laffy Taffy). After the first (Kiss) they knew they were (Mint) to be together (Now and Later). It's been ___ years of (Mounds) of (Bliss) and neither would take (100 Grand) for the other!

Awesome Stacey! I love it. You're very creative. Do add more of your ideas when you make them. You're inspirational for the rest of us! :)


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